Beautiful Nature Wallpaper Design Ideas For Bedroom 42
Beautiful Nature Wallpaper Design Ideas For Bedroom 42

46 Beautiful Nature Wallpaper Design Ideas For Bedroom

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With the re-introduction of wallpaper into modern day interior design, creating a “feature wall” or redecorating an entire room has suddenly taken on a whole new meaning. Rather than simply painting a chimney breast a darker shade of chocolate brown paint, we’ve now been given the perfect excuse to utilize the new trend for brightly colored and elaborately patterned wallpaper to transform our homes from the neutral 90’s to the colorful Noughties!

This is our selection of the best wallpapers in town: from designer brands to high street gems – we’ve sourced it all to show you just how fantastic wallpaper can be whether you want to cover four walls or one:

1. Create your very own trompe ‘oeil with wallpaper from Deborah Bowness – perfect for that feature wall. Or how about having fun in the bedroom with her Rose Dress Frock design or convincing your friends you have your very own library with Books – a genuine fake bookshelf? Et voila! The feature wall, reinvented…

2. For a relaxed, feminine look, Jocelyn Warner has just the thing. Her nature-inspired prints are soothing but super stylish. Perfect for a living area or hallway were wallpaper is hung in large quantities.

3. Strong, geometric prints are right on trend and we love this new Cocoa & Gold wallpaper from the new Mode collection at Graham & Brown. Great in the bedroom with elaborate furniture and simple white bedlinen.

4. For the ultimate wow factor we think Welsh wallpaper designer, Michael Angrove deserves a special mention. His floral inspired wall panels and wallpaper is awash with intricate detail and can even be gilded with 24 carat gold or platinum. We love the idea of one of his wall panels as a feature wall in a bedroom or living area.