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Cool Apartment Kitchen Decorating Ideas 22

40 Cool Apartment Kitchen Decorating Ideas

When doing a small kitchen design for an apartment, either a corridor kitchen design or a line layout design will be best to optimize the workflow. The corridor design does have its limits and may not be able to be used if the kitchen is too small. The corridor style kitchen design will minimize the use of countertops in a small kitchen. It also puts the water, electrical and other services all together in a cluster. It will enable you to have access to the appliances all at once without having to walk to the other end of the room.

A corridor apartment kitchen design can have walls on both sides. This design allows you to walk down the middle with tight walls on either side of you. In the corridor design, it is best to keep the sink and dishwasher together since the water supply and drainage will need to be accessible to the dishwasher.

In a small apartment kitchen, you will definitely want to avoid putting as much stuff on the floor as possible. Smaller appliances may fit in the kitchen but just because they are small does not mean they can be placed just anywhere. Minimal appliances will need to be used since a smaller apartment kitchen can not provide space to accommodate the bigger appliances like a large kitchen can. There are tons of compact kitchen items that can be used now. The items that are not used on a regular basis should be stored away. Even smaller 2 seated table sets can be used in a small apartment kitchen design.

Stoves can be built into the counter top of a small apartment kitchen. A mirrored backlash can also create a larger visual appearance for the small countertop spaces in small apartment kitchens. You can use the walls for shelves that can hold up utensils and spice racks. The drawer spaces underneath the main kitchen cabinets can also hold utensils or pot holders. Kitchen appliances should be kept to a minimum. A lot of bulky items make a kitchen look over crowded and junky. Smaller appliances take up a lot less space and can possibly even fit in the cabinets or cupboards for storage.

When renting an apartment, you cannot make any permanent changes but you can personalize the kitchen to your style and taste while you are there. You can purchase an item like a silver trash can or accent rugs. Purchase decor items in colors and textures that you find pleasing to the eye. You can even create a theme for your kitchen with decorative items. The right color tone will give your apartment’s kitchen a larger appearance and a more comfortable feel.

Most of the apartment kitchens now are built with an eat-in area. If your kitchen is large enough to have furniture in it for meals, you will need to measure the kitchen and see what size furniture would be appropriate. Always ask your landlord before making any permanent alterations to your small apartment kitchen.


Gorgeous Kitchen Island Decorating Ideas 36

40 Gorgeous Kitchen Island Decorating Ideas

There are a wide variety of kitchen islands from which a homeowner can choose. This is why not every kitchen island is going to be decorated and used in the same manner. Some islands may be better for simply storing items underneath while others many need some more style to them and need décor items placed on them. Here are some decorating tips for a kitchen island.

Turn the Kitchen Island into a Sitting Area

Depending on the size of the island, it may be easy to turn it into a sitting area for the family. Add a few stools around the island and clean off the top of it so that the family can sit around and enjoy meals at the table. This is a great alternative if you don’t have a kitchen table in the room or if you only have a formal dining table in the house. It offers a convenient space that can be utilized in the best way possible. You can even choose to set the island with placemats if you want to add even more style to the room.

Add an Appliance to the Kitchen Island

Placing an appliance on the island may not seem like you are decorating but this serves as both a functional way and decorative way to store a great appliance that you may have. Don’t just put any old appliance on the counter area. Instead use your nice fancy stainless steel toaster or blender for the décor. If you are going to decorate with an appliance be sure that the island has outlets or there is one accessible from where the island is located in the kitchen.

Decorate the Kitchen Island with Kitchen Utensils and Products

Decorating the island with utensils or products goes along the same lines as the appliances. Don’t just use any old kitchen products to place on the counter. Things like a spice rack, decorative containers and baskets are a great idea for the kitchen island. Some other items you may consider are napkin or paper towel holders and canisters of dried goods such as sugar and flour. Just be sure that you don’t throw everything on the island and use it as a catch all. It should still be neatly organized.

Decorate the Kitchen Island with Flowers

If you are really stuck on what to do with your kitchen island, then try a nice vase or basket of flowers. Fresh flowers are more appealing than fake ones, but they will need to be replaced every few days. You could also try a nice house plant on the island as well. This is a very simple and easy way to add some color and style to the otherwise bare countertop.

A kitchen island is just another area in the room that needs attention when decorating. You could leave an island completely empty on top, but that space may look quite boring and bring down the look of the kitchen. Why not utilize the space that you have and make your kitchen look more appealing?


Wonderful Mosaic Pool Tile Best Ideas Luxurious Pool Design 29

40 Wonderful Mosaic Pool Tile Best Ideas Luxurious Pool Design

Mosaic Pool Tiles – Why do they get so popular in recent years? One of the best advantages of using these nature-made tiles is the fact that anyone can use them: from home-makers to professional interior designers. Learn about the latest tiling techniques and how they are about to change the way you decorate and remodel your home’s interior and exterior.

Basic introduction

Mosaic Pool Tiles are actually a collection of similar looking small flat stones that are selected by hand and then fixed onto a sq/ft mesh backing seamless tile. It is probably about the unique natural conditions that made the Indonesian beach pebbles the leading source of these nature-made tiles. This is an excellent solution if you plan or redecorating in the following areas: 1) Kitchens 2) Bathrooms 3) Floors and Walls 4) Patio flooring 5) Countertops etc.

What is in it for us?

Finally, when looking at the bottom line, there are several important advantages:

+ Easily installed over existing surfaces such as old ceramics or plain concrete.

+ Installation process is quick and takes only a few hours.

+ Easy to be cleaned and maintained.


+ Epoxy based grouts are considered stronger than conventional grout, however take in mind that they are less forgiving to the ignorant installer.

+ Using grout should be handled carefully so it is recommended to grout a small area at a time.

+ Use a tile saw in order to cut stones to fit edges or corners.


Mosaic Pool Tiles remodeling offers countless options as these nature-made panels come in many shapes and colors to easily match the decor of any home or office setting. We could list many other important benefits provided by this quick redecoration option, simply because it provides numerous opportunities whether for the average or professional home-makers. It is recommended to bear in mind the above tips just as you decide on using these natural panels.


Excellent Ossmann Street Residence By Wasserfall Munting Architects In Windhoek Namibia 30

40 Excellent Ossmann Street Residence By Wasserfall Munting Architects In Windhoek Namibia

Street furniture refers to all outdoor furniture including, benches, post boxes, phone boxes, traffic lights, street lamps, traffic signs, outdoor sculptures, and waste bins. This furniture is used to provide comfort, beauty, navigation, and safety to all residents in a particular city. Furniture on the street has been in use for hundreds of years, and the history and culture of a specific area can read through the various items that are placed outside.

The history of street furniture

Water troughs where one of the first utilitarian items that were placed on the street. These troughs were used to provide water for horses that were used as a means of transportation. Benches, street lights, and street signs were soon to follow.

Benches were placed in areas where travellers waited for railways, and traditional gas street lights were used to lights up the streets to make them safe and illuminated during the evening.

Basic street signs allowed individuals to navigate their cities so they could easily get from one area to the next. Litter bins, post boxes and telephone booths showed up over time as technology and cultures advanced. Litter bins kept streets and outdoor areas clean, and post boxes and telephone booths added convenience to individuals as they walked down the streets.

Street furniture today

Technology, culture, and the needs of city residents have changed greatly over time, and this can be seen through the advances in furniture items placed on the streets.

High-quality electric street lights have replaced the old Victorian lights, and LED signs can be seen around the city that display important news information and daily weather. Reflective street signs and traffic lights have replaced the old fashioned basic metal signs, and litter bins and post boxes have been updated to accommodate the incredibly large influx in city residents that live in one area.

Sculptures that feature modern themes and artistic styles can be seen all around the UK, and these art pieces speak about the changes in the world and the incredible cultural advancements.

Trends in furniture on the streets

Within the last few years, cities have become very concerned about environmental stability and waste. This can be seen outdoors with the growing trend of using recycled street furniture. This furniture allows cities to constantly update outdoor items while being environmentally conscience at the same time.

Plastic is generally used to make these recycled items, and this allows for a smooth furniture look and feel. Benches, picnic tables, chairs and bins are all constructed with recycled plastic and these items look stylish when placed around cities.

Recycled street furniture lasts much longer than metal constructed pieces, and this is one reason that more cities are updating furniture to recycled items. Plastic takes a great deal of time to decompose as well, and city officials know that it is their duty to help out their citizens by reusing previously thrown away plastic materials.


Elegant Decorated Small Living Rooms With Big Statement 36

40 Elegant Decorated Small Living Rooms With Big Statement

Using these four designer secrets and small living room decorating ideas can make all the difference between feeling cozy or feeling cramped in your space.

When you have only one room where you relax, watch TV, read and entertain it can be quite challenging to decorate to maximize the space and accomplish all these goals.

There’s great news for you. When you use these decorating solutions you won’t need a lot of space to create a functional and stylish room. The trick is to enlarge your small room by using design techniques that fool the eyes.

#1: Furniture Arrangement

Multipurpose furniture designed to fit the space helps you maximize the limited square footage.

Sleeper sofa sectionals are more practical than a sofa and a bed when your small living room is in a studio apartment. You get a stylish living area by day and a comfortable bedroom at night…all in one room.

Furniture elevated on slender legs and armless sectionals and chairs help make your space feel more open and airy.

#2: Color Ideas

Outfitting your room with furnishings in a color similar to the wall color makes the space feel larger. Adding colorful and textured accessories creates a sense of breadth.

Borrow space from an adjoining room by visually connecting the rooms with similar materials. Using one flooring material or wall color creates flow from room to room and makes your living room feel more spacious.

#3: Lighting Ideas

Use light creatively to make your small room feel more expansive.

Hang colorful curtains on the windows or create wall cutouts into other rooms to draw the eye outside the living room.

Add materials such as mirrors, glass and metals that reflect light to give the illusion of more space.

Make the room appear taller by painting the ceiling a very light shade of blue reminiscent of the sky or paint the ceiling with high gloss paint to give the impression of height.

Add a skylight to create a sense of depth or install recessed lighting to bring more light into the room without taking up a lot of space.

#4: Decorating

Free up floor space and tabletops by using vertical space. Line the walls with shelving and bookcases where you can store ornamental and functional home decor objects.

Stow portable furniture in closets and bring it out when more seating is needed for guests. Dress up the chairs with decorative slipcovers that complement your decorating style.

Just because you may have limited space doesn’t mean you must have limited style. Try a few of these designer techniques for decorating with furniture, lighting, color and home accessories to make the space feel larger. Using these small living room decorating ideas will create a big impact in your room.


Super Useful Mini Home Office That Will Inspire You 38

40 Super Useful Mini Home Office That Will Inspire You

Working from home is becoming more common today than ever before. For this reason, more people are transforming a room or part of their home into a mini home office. Creating a home office can be expensive but there are ways that you can reduce the cost and still have everything you need. Below are some great ideas to help you get started.

Ideas for decorating your home office:

  • Choose the place where you want your office to be. If you don’t have a room that you can use, then choose a space that is the most secluded in the home where you will have the least amount of interruptions.
  • After choosing your spot, figure out just how much room you have to work with. This will help you to determine what options you’ll have when it comes to furniture, shelves, storage bins and so forth.
  • Take the time to paint or put up wallpaper to define your area and to make it more comfortable to work in. Both options are affordable and something you can do yourself.
  • Start with the main piece of furniture you’ll need, which will be the computer desk. If you don’t already have a desk you can build one or take your time and look around for a great deal. You can search for used furniture at consignment stores, discount stores, flea markets, garage sales and so forth.
  • Use stackable drawers to save space and still have the storage space needed to keep all of your files and paperwork.
  • Add plants, pictures and other things that can help to inspire you to work better and more efficiently.
  • Stand up lamps are in-expensive and a great way to add the light you need to work comfortably.

Don’t be afraid to be creative and try different things. This is how you come up with great ideas that truly work. The ideas listed above can help you get started creating the perfect home office on a budget. This way, you can have everything you need to create a comfortable work environment without spending over your budget.


Astonishing Scandinavian Homes With Green Roofs That Look As Fabulous 37

40 Astonishing Scandinavian Homes With Green Roofs That Look As Fabulous

Since your home is the best place for you to relax and enjoy being yourself or with friends, making it neat and presentable is of utmost important. You have two choices in doing this. First, is for you to decorate your own home; second, is for you to hire an interior decorator.

The latter may be quite expensive as professional interior designers put a good price for their skills and expertise. But if budget is not an issue, then this option is good for you because it releases you from any stress related to decorating your home.

On the other hand, if you are in a tight budget, then your option is for you to decorate your home. This saves you money and allows you to express your own creativity in your own space. But what if you don’t think you are creative enough to decorate your own home? Perhaps this is now the time that you learn Scandinavian home designing.

Scandinavian interiors are considered to be one of the best among hundreds, even thousands of home designs available across the globe. It is a blend of Norwegian, Danish and Swedish artistry that has remained in-demand in the market despite the evolution of time. If you are using this design for your home, you have to learn every aspect and principle behind the designs.

Walls, Ceilings and Floors
In Scandinavian interiors, walls, ceilings and floors are made of hardwood for a classic look and natural brightness. Since Scandinavian design is all about class and elegance, using hardwood as the main material for decoration is significant.

Furniture Seats
Normally, ash, pine, or beech wood are used in crafting Scandinavian seats and other furniture pieces. These types of woods are durable and adaptable so versatility is not an issue even if you are not adapting a purely Scandinavian interior decoration for your home.

Cushioning and Colours
Scandinavian colours are mostly pastel – light hues of beige, light blue, cream, white and other light colours. In some cases, rich colours like orange, green, and red are used with designs that need diversity. Throw pillows and cushions are usually made of stripe or chequered linen and cotton. Floral patterns are also used as variation.

Lighting and Accessories
In Scandinavian interior decoration, lighting is an essential aspect. Since the sun doesn’t shine much in Scandinavia, the home decoration is made to be bright with the use of chandeliers, mirrors and lamps.


Interesting Ideas For Decorating Retro Living Room 36

40 Interesting Ideas For Decorating Retro Living Room

Although pastels might not immediately come to mind when considering living room wall colors, they can actually be used quite effectively. Light wall colors such as pastels can be an especially good choice in a small living room, since they can make the room seem larger than it really is.

Although you might not want to paint your living room “baby boy blue” or “baby girl pink,” there are plenty of other pastel shades that can really shine as part of your decor. Here are some decorating tips you can use to add a beautiful touch of pastel to your living room.

Classic Pastels Add Fun to the Living Room

If you want to add a subtle retro look to your room, a pastel shade can be the perfect wall color choice. Pale green or light yellow can add a sunny bright look that will provide the perfect backdrop for fun retro furniture choices. Light blue walls can work well to add a soft country look, while pastel lavender will add a hint of romance.

Once you’ve selected a light pastel shade for the walls, you can choose darker shades of the same color for your decorating accessories and furniture pieces. Or, accessorize the room with coordinating or contrasting pastel shade. For example, a light green and pastel yellow pinstriped sofa could add the perfect coordinating look to a living room with light yellow walls.

New Twists on Classic Pastels

When using pastel colors in the room, it’s important to remember that there are plenty of pastel shades. Although you might immediately think of light yellow, green and blue, pastel shades also include pale apricot, light periwinkle and soft sage green. Pastel versions of today’s trendiest decorating colors can work perfectly when used for the living room walls.

For example, soft sage green walls can serve as the perfect backdrop for your deep sage green furniture pieces. Paint sample strips from your local decorating store can be quite useful when selecting these trendy pastel shades. Simply find a darker color on the paint strip that matches your furniture pieces, living room carpet, or decorating accent pieces. Then, choose the lightest pastel color on the strip for your wall paint.

“Barely There” Wall Colors

In addition to the more easily identifiable pastel colors, there are also many off-white shades that are actually “barely there” pastel shades. These off-white shades have just the slightest hint of color, which can provide attractive warm or cool undertones to the room. If you were to look at one of these paint colors in the can, you might actually mistake it for pure white.

However, after it’s been applied to the living room walls, the slight color undertones will add the perfect decorator touch. These “barely there” pastel-tinted white shades can work well in contemporary styled living rooms. For example, a cool white shade with subtle blue or green undertones can provide just enough color to perfectly accentuate the other colors used in the room.

These colors are especially effective when used to reflect light, due to the fact that they are almost white. As such, they can be used to make a small living room seem more expansive. They are also a great choice if you prefer a minimalist decorating style.


Popular Modern Nursery Designs That Stand Out From The Ordinary 29

48 Popular Modern Nursery Designs That Stand Out From The Ordinary

Creating a beautiful nursery design for your new baby to be is one of the most fulfilling aspects of pregnancy. You get to pour all your love and excitement at the anticipation of a new life into your nursery decorating project.

But don’t forget that you’ll be spending a lot of time in the baby nursery after your baby arrives. Use the tips in this article to make sure that your perfectly decorated nursery room is easy to use as well as beautiful!

1. Choosing Your Nursery Room

Many of us don’t have more than one room in the home that would be suitable for the baby nursery. however, if you do have a choice of rooms choose the one closest to yours. The less mileage you have to cover in the middle of the night the better.

2. Babies are Messy

Babies are well-known for spitting up, peeing and pooing at the worst possible times. To decrease your stress levels at this naturally occurring event you should make sure that everything you put in your nursery is either washable, or inexpensive enough to throw away.

3. Comfort is Key

Choose your nursery glider or rocking chair carefully. Sit in as many as you can before you make a purchase. You will spend many hours sitting in this chair in the first few months, many of them in the wee hours. The last thing you need is a chair that makes your back and neck ache when you’re breastfeeding or rocking your little one to sleep.

4. Choose the Right Nursery Rug

A nursery rug that moves, wrinkles or shows a dirty mark every time you step on it will drive you slowly bananas — been there – done that! Buy a fairly heavy-duty rug and use a good rug pad to avoid these recurring moments of insanity.

5. Don’t Skimp on Storage Space

You will need plenty of space to store all of baby’s little goodies and clunky gear. Take this into account when you decide on your baby furniture. A good nursery storage plan will help you to squeeze lots of extra space out of your baby room.

6. Draw a Floor Plan

Complete a floor plan before buying any furniture. This way you can make sure you will have enough space in the baby nursery. A great way to visualize the room is to make large cutouts using the exact dimensions of your furniture and lay them on the floor. (Newspapers or plastic paint sheets work well.) Move these around on the floor until you are happy with their placement.

7. Power Up

Many of the gadgets and gear you will be using in your new baby nursery will require electricity. Take a look at where the plug points are in the room while you are deciding on your furniture layout. If you want a nursery lamp on the night stand is there a plug point nearby? The last thing you want is wiring trailing from one side of the nursery to the other. Not only is it ugly, it’s not safe for you or your baby.

8. Night Light Essentials

Getting around the nursery in the middle of the night, in the dark, with a sleeping baby in your arms and a half empty bottle wedged under your chin is no easy task. You can make life easier by putting your night-light in a place where it is easy to reach and operate.

9. Think Dirty Diapers
Diapers are going to become a huge part of everyday life over the next few months. make changing your baby a breeze by including a changing surface in your nursery design that is at the right height for you. Constantly bending over to change baby’s diaper and clothes on the floor or in the crib is a real back-breaker.

10. What Can You See!

Try to place your feeding chair near a window. You may as well stare at something pleasant when you’re in the chair rocking your baby for the fifteenth time in one day! Along the same lines, make sure you can see a clock from where you are sitting. It will keep you sane, especially in the middle of the night when two minutes can feel like two hours!


Brilliant Ideas For Decorating The Landscape Around The Trees 35

40 Brilliant Ideas For Decorating The Landscape Around The Trees

A step by step guide about Landscaping your home. You can do this yourself with the step-by-step information on this page. With some patience and time, you can landscape for beauty, shade, wind protection, privacy, and more.

Landscaping around the house, where do you even start? There are many techniques, landscape design ideas, and good tips for placement of trees, shrubs, rock, mulch, landscape borders and the list can be quite long.

There are many benefits of certain types of trees and shrubs, Shade can be a great benefit to cool a house in the hot summer heat or to cool yourself while sitting under the patio. Shrubs around the house can add beauty, and can also keep the foundation cool in the summer. Trees and shrubs can protect you and your home from the wind, place them in the correct locations for a wind barrier.

Mulch or rock can accent the trees and shrubs. This can add beauty to the landscape and can provide cooler areas around the house foundation. Mulch can add wonders to trees by holding in moisture and giving the tree a better chance to thrive during dry conditions.

Mulch or landscape rock requires some type of border or barrier to hold the rock or mulch in place and separate in from the existing lawn or landscape. Weed barrier is highly recommended to separate the soil from your bed of mulch, as to not contaminate it. As far as stopping the weeds, well, it may stop most weeds, but some will always get through. Carefully use a weed killer to eliminate all weeds.

Since there are so many tree types, and regions of the country, I would recommend shopping around for various resources depending on your situation. Planning is key, don’ t just jump into any landscaping project unprepared, do your home work and the project will be fun too, not just work.

Borders such as plastic or concrete add the final touches to the landscape. A retaining wall is an example of one border that can add extra beauty and hold in the rock, shrubs, or whatever you plan in your landscape. Again, shop around and plan for the many types, colors and designs of landscaping borders. The right color and design will blend with your home and add to the value of your house.