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Most Popular Bohemian Apartment Decor Ideas 42

43 Most Popular Bohemian Apartment Decor Ideas

Living in a studio apartment can be quite an adjustment, especially since you have to live with the idea that the kitchen is part of your bedroom. An easy solution one should consider is investing in a room divider.

Easy to transport and store, room dividers work well in sectioning off different areas of your apartment, and most even provide extra shelving for books and other treasured accessories. Room dividers don’t have to be limited to studio apartments; bathrooms, dens and family rooms can also benefit from these dividers without you having to spend extra money in partitioning off space.

Screen dividers are an attractive, popular option one can consider when breaking up space. Usually designed with three collapsible doors and made from a variety of materials such as bamboo, silk, metal and wood, screen dividers make great room accent pieces while offering privacy.

For an even more affordable option, try hanging curtains or attractive yards of fabric from your ceiling. This airy alternative adds a fluid element of design to any home. Ideally you’d want to use this method to section off your bedroom from the rest of your living space, but if you lack proper closet doors you may want to consider using curtains as a temporary solution. As a side note, be sure your fabric dividers don’t touch your floors; the last thing you need is to accidentally step on your curtains and bring the entire ceiling down!

If you’re looking for a more psychedelic or bohemian aesthetic, consider beaded curtains in place of fabric curtains. Fun and contemporary, beaded curtains come in a variety of shapes, colors and materials, perfect for conveying your personality. Other than being a creative alternative, beaded curtains can always be swept to the side and tied off. The only downside is that you won’t get the same amount of privacy as you would with fabric curtains.

Room dividers are great in that they help you section off your studio apartment and maximize your space. As helpful as they are for studio apartments, room dividers are probably one of the few pieces of furniture that will work well in any home.


Stunning One Bedroom Apartment Decor Ideas 34

42 Stunning One Bedroom Apartment Decor Ideas

Looking for apartments for rent can be a hard task for many, and therefore it is important to determine a number of things before they make a choice. One of the reasons is the type of apartment they need to pick, this will depend on your situation. If you are planning to live alone, you need to determine to choice between a studio and a single bedrooms apt. for rent.

Studios for rent usually cost less as compared to the one bedroom apartment and thus providing you a chance to save a large amount of cash over a long period of time. They also come with simple floor plans providing you a chance to easily decorate them as they wish. It also does not require you to bring out many pieces of furniture in order to cover up this space. It is ideal for you, in case you do not have a lot of personal effects and furniture.

One bedroom apartments, on the other hand, are ideal for you in case you want extra space or if you like having multiple rooms. It is also a place for you if you are fond of entertaining without having to compromise on your privacy. The other reason to select the one bedroom apartment is when you have a lot of furniture and personal belonging that may take up a lot of space. If you think this apartment is right for you, you need to be prepared to cough up more cash, as they are more costly compared to studios.

Once you have made your decision, it will be easier for you to search for the apartments or studio that fits your needs and your budget. You will also have a number of sources where you can find the necessary details on the ways to find the right one for you.


Affordable Small Apartment Living Room Decor 38

42 Affordable Small Apartment Living Room Decor

Whether your living room is a 21 foot length with a large picture window at one end or you live in a tiny apartment and the living room is bijou to say the least, there are living room décor ideas to suit you and your budget. You can go for cozy chic and warm up your living space or go for open-plan with vaulted ceilings and an expanse of herringbone hardwood floor.

At the end of your project you will have ended up with a space that you can live in comfortably, decorated according to the space you have available. Are you aiming for a peaceful retreat, full of serenity and harmony or a more user-friendly, basic living space where you feel comfortable slipping your shoes off and putting your feet up.

If I was choosing a color scheme for my living room I would go to the cooler colors on my color wheel chart – the blues and greens which can be used in different shades to achieve a ‘joined-up’ look of cool elegance. I always make sure that, when I paint my ceiling, I use a light shade of the room’s main color on my ceiling so, if my color scheme was blue, I would use the lightest eggshell blue I could find for my ceiling and then a slightly deeper shade of blue for my walls. If you have mouldings you could paint those completely white, or go for a darker shade of blue to both the walls and the ceiling. I would use matt paint on my walls and a paint with some kind of sheen on the mouldings.

For windows, to add height, place the curtain pole as high as possible near to the ceiling. This will give your curtains plenty of drop to achieve an elegant drape. Modern décor arrangements always suggest that the fabric should be allowed to pool on the floor – never in my house.

To me, artistic though it evidently is, this ‘pooling’ idea for the fabric is just a dust collector and, if you have dogs like I do, is just asking them to make a bed out of the fabric! Why did I mention this? Find out what the trends are, but that does not mean you have to follow the trends slavishly. Adapt styles to suit you and your lifestyle.

You would think, wouldn’t you, that a large picture placed on the wall in a small room would be overpowering. Surprisingly, it isn’t. I have the tiniest lounge you can imagine and, on the wall above the fireplace I have a really large picture of the Defence of Rourke’s Drift, depicting the British soldiers of ‘B’ Company, South Wales Borderers. This picture is very loud, very busy, with plenty going on in it. However, it looks absolutely fantastic in that room, almost as if the room was made to fit the picture!


Cool Studio Apartment Decorating Ideas On A Budget 39

41 Cool Studio Apartment Decorating Ideas on a Budget

If you are looking for ideas to decorate a small studio apartment you need to think about the type of furniture that is suitable and the amount of colour that you introduce into the space. These could have a positive effect on your living experience if they are looked at properly.

The Size Of Individual Furniture Pieces

If you are furnishing a room that has to carry out many different functions, it is important to choose furniture that is adaptable. If you have a single room that is used as your kitchen, living and sleeping area, you should consider purchasing a sofa bed instead of trying to cram a separate bed and settee into the space. This could work out more cost effective and free up more floor space. The more floor space you can see, the bigger your home will feel.

Wall Decorating

To ensure that the room has a light and airy feeling, try to limit the amount of dark colour paints or wallpaper that you use. It is always best to use light colour paints that will help reflect light back into the room.


If you can afford to, you should try and get directional lighting fitted into your studio apartment. Most living spaces come with a single light fixture in the centre of the room. This isn’t really effective. Try putting spot lights in over the cooking area and a couple of lamps around the seating area. This helps to break up the space and define the different living zones.

If you plan correctly you will find that there are lots of ways to successfully decorate a small studio apartment.


Adorable Flower Garden Decorations 38

41 Adorable Flower Garden Decorations

Gardening is a favorite hobby for many, especially mothers and home keepers. However, gardening today is no more done just for pleasure, but it is soon being accepted and recognized as an art and a talent. Not everyone has the capability to decorate their garden with wonderful plants and flowers.

Garden is an important part of the house. You can spend your leisure time happily over there with your friends or family. If this place is good then your time will also be good. Flower gardening is a good option to make your garden beautiful.

Every morning when you get out of the house the first thing that you see is your garden and if this place is nice, then your whole day is beautiful. Flowers are liked by everyone, so why not use them to make your garden beautiful. Flower gardening is a good choice to make our garden beautiful.

This type of gardening involves decorating your garden with plants that blooms wonderful and colorful flowers. You can decorate the flowers as you wish. Aromatic flowers will spray their aroma while colorful and larger flowers will display their beauty.

Gardening is of many types. You have herbal, botanical, bonsai, community gardening, Japanese gardening and so on. The list is endless but flower gardening stands apart from all of these. It not just decorates your garden but also fills it with aroma and makes your house welcoming. It is an art which is not for everyone. You must have an idea of what color combination should be used so that it blends well with your house.

Not every seed you sow bursts into a plant, so you must take care that you buy good quality seeds, otherwise your flower garden will not look as attractive as you want. Here are some flower gardening tips that will help you out with your garden.

Do not fill the whole garden with flowers, so that no one will be able to see the flowers, which are planted at the corners. Make pathways so that people can freely walk through the garden to enjoy your art. However, make sure that along with the flowers you also plant the “Do Not Touch Me” boards. This will save your flowers from your destructive neighbors.

The main thing about flower gardening is to choose the right flowers. Opt for those flowers that bloom twelve months in a year. If you want to plant your favorite flower that blooms only in summers or spring, then make sure, that you plant it in such a place that you are accessible to it. Ensure that you can cut them at the right time. Do not let the flowers bloom, die and then dry.

As soon as they bloom, keep them for a day or two and then cut them off so that they do not spoil the beauty. The most commonly liked flowers that are suitable for flower gardening are marigold, cosmos, zinnia, sunflowers and morning glory. They not just look pretty but also are best suited for the garden atmosphere.

Therefore, if you have brought a new house, which has a garden, then make sure that you decorate your garden first with flower garden and make your whole house look appealing and beautiful.


Relaxing Lawn And Garden Decor Ideas 29

40 Relaxing Lawn and Garden Decor Ideas

Having a home sweet home is a dream for everyone. Once that becomes a reality how to decorate it becomes a concern. With all the different options available in the market the issue becomes graver. Apartment system is more prominent today in cities, but single house with a beautiful lawn and garden is always welcome.

Selecting the plants, planting, watering, pruning and fertilizing them, at times it becomes a nightmare to look after these. It is not just plants that can be used to decorate the landscape there are various other options to choose from depending on the space available. Fountains and small artificial ponds are a good option.

Lawn and garden decor adds on to the beauty of the house. For some it is a favorite pass time and hobby to take care of the garden, but for others it is a headache. To help them there are people and agencies to make your lawn and garden a wonderful place according to your taste and preference. There are many options available in the market like statues, fountain, pond and lawn ornaments, etc and even a theme could be set that can be changed from time to time.

Concrete garden ornaments are a great option available for garden decoration. They include pots, bird baths, sculptures, urns and stepping stones, etc. This can even be handmade and it would be a great fun to make things with your own hands to decorate your lawn. It is lot more, cheaper than purchasing. Moulds of different size, shape and design made of latex, aluminum or plastic are available in the market that can be made use of.

To make the concrete mix for the garden ornaments, cement, light gravel, sand and water needs to be mixed in a ratio required to make a particular ornament. Once the mix is ready, it should be poured into the mould. Make sure no air bubbles are formed. Keep it for setting for at least 24 hours and maximum three days to properly dry. When it is dry you can color it or add other accessories to beautify it.

Concrete garden ornaments are mostly statues. Religious statues are commonly used to decorate both indoor as well as outdoor. Statues of Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Angels, etc are the all time favorites. Animal statues like camel, deer, bird, dog, fish, lion tiger dolphin, duck, squirrel, frog, alligator, elephant, etc. statues of Buddha, Pagodas, Dragon, Gargoyles, etc are also common found. Bird baths of concrete apart from providing birds with refreshing water are also used for garden decoration purpose is available in various designs.

Being the first thing that a visitor lays eyes on when entering a house, a first impression is always good for better relationship. You can make paradise out of your garden with the Lawn and Garden Decor, especially the Concrete Lawn Ornaments.


Elegant Industrial Bathroom Design Ideas 31

40 Elegant Industrial Bathroom Design Ideas

Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms of your home. A classy and luxurious bathroom always adds value to your property. Therefore, it’s time to give your dull and drab bathroom a complete makeover. A bathroom renovation project involves a lot of things such as replacing the floor tiles, getting a new bathtub, installing a shower system etc.

Hiring the right professional for your bathroom makeover project is very essential. Here’s an overview of how to choose the best bathroom designer for your project.

Professionalism Matters!

This is one of the very first things you should consider when you are looking for a professional for your bathroom makeover project. Professionalism is one of the crucial key factors to find the best designing expert.

Always look for a professionally trained contractor because they can offer top quality services. Hiring a skilled and professionally trained contractor will help you to get desired results for your project. You should always hire a professional who is very well aware of the legal practices and ethics of the home improvement project.


The fact is that it’s only an experienced professional who can offer you with quality services. Knowing the work-experience of the professional is very crucial. If the company or contractor has been in the business for a long time, they can definitely give you top-notch services. So it’s very important to choose an experienced professional for your bathroom makeover or renovation project.

Also, you should make sure that they have worked on similar projects. Rather than choosing a general service, it is advisable to hire someone who mainly specializes in the renovation niche.

Popularity Of The Contractor/Company

It’s very important to learn about the company/contractor’s popularity in the business. Remember, if they are popular and enjoy a good reputation in the industry then you should stick with them because they are better known for their top quality services.

If a renovation expert or an individual contractor enjoys a good reputation in the area then they can definitely work according to the specific needs of the clients and complete the project successfully. Therefore, consider this aspect before you choose any professional.

Cost Of The Services

Of course, cost is one of the very first factors which decides which company/contractor you should choose for your project. A skilled and experienced contractor will always offer you with exceptional services at a cost-effective price. They will be focusing on satisfying the customer than using cheap tricks to cheat them.

Compare the cost and quality of services offered by different professionals. Read the client testimonials of the company. Reviews and testimonials can always give you a better idea about the services of the company.


Finally, when looking for a bathroom designer you should keep all the mentioned facts in mind to hire the right professional for your project.


49 Cozy Kids Bathroom Design Ideas

To create this fabulous kids bathroom, you’ll need to start with a fresh coat of paint. I used Benjamin Moore’s Regal Matte Paint in Fresh Grass #426.

Next, get some beadboard at your local DIY store. You should be able to easily install this prepainted product with adhesive and finish it off by attaching some pre-finished chair rail at the top. I placed it all the way around the bathroom – It looks great and is easy to clean-up.

Now for the cabinets – I had these cute vanities custom made, but you can search your local big box stores for unique pedestal sinks or vanities that appeal to your kids and help create a fun atmosphere. Just remember that if you are using a vessel sink, you’ll want the cabinet to be lower to compensate for the height of the sink that is above the counter. This is very important so that the sink does not end up too high for the kids.

Find some great lighting online or at your local lighting warehouse. Many stores carry all sizes and colors. Some tips: Make sure that your lighting matches the color of your faucets and stay away from amber colored glass globes as they create a yellow tone that is not appealing.

Now accessorize your bathroom. I used towels with frogs on them – a few piped in pink, and few piped in blue – perfect for both boys and girls. Put some clear beads in the sink for a fun twist (and fun for the kids), and add some storage baskets at the bottom of your cabinets or on shelves for added functionality.


Relaxing Grey Bathroom Design Ideas 45

49 Relaxing Grey Bathroom Design Ideas

Before you start remodeling your bathroom to give it a more contemporary look, make a list of what you want to do and what you can afford to do. If money is no object, then you can make all of your remodeling plans based solely on what you want. You’ll want to get the highest possible quality at the lowest price, of course, but you won’t have to sacrifice anything because you can’t afford it. Make sure you measure your bathroom. Knowing how much room you have to work with will help you choose the right sized cabinets and accessories.

Sometimes taking pictures of your bathroom and carrying them with you when you go shopping will help you visualize what a certain type of cabinet or sink will look like once it’s in place.

As with most contemporary designs, contemporary bathroom designs incorporate sharp, clean lines and geometric shapes, such as oblong shaped bath tubs and sinks or rectangular bath tubs and sinks with rounded edges. If you like the sink and bath tub that you have, you can give your bathroom a more contemporary look by buying a shower curtain with a contemporary design, by replacing the cabinet under your sink with a drawer.

You could also replace your wall cabinets and towel racks with more contemporary looking pieces. Changing the color of the walls to something like electric blue or lime green or grey can give your bathroom a more modern look. Add contemporary accessories, such as the waste paper basket, soap dish and toothbrush holder. Don’t forget about the faucets. Nothing gives a bathroom a more contemporary look than futuristic faucets on the sink and bath tub.

Visit a home improvement store, like Lowe’s or The Home Depot and see if they offer a class on bathroom remodeling. Not only will you learn how to safely and efficiently do your bathroom remodeling, you’ll also be in a place where you can buy the supplies and tools you’ll need to do it.

There are so many different ideas for bathroom remodeling. All you need to know is what you want and what you can afford to create the right contemporary bathroom design for your home.


Stunning Spa Bathroom Design Ideas 43

48 Stunning Spa Bathroom Design Ideas

The latest innovations in spa bathroom fixtures and technologies offer strong designs that complement each other. One-piece toilets are very contemporary and decorative. It’s elegant designs would complement equally elegantly designed vessel or pedestal sinks, deep-soaking bathtubs, and sensor touch sink faucets for any 21st century Spa bathroom, as an example.

Whether an elegant, low profile one- piece toilet such as TOTO’s Willingham One-Piece Toilet, or a comfort-height profile such as Caroma’s Caravelle Comfort-Height Toilet, or a space-saving profile such as TOTO’s Aquia Wall-Hung Toilet & In-Wall Tank System, high-efficiency performance lives up to a standard far beyond the older systems of the 1980’s and 1990’s that used double the amount of water to flush toilets.

Around 1995, concerns about water conservation prompted federal law to mandate that new toilets must use no more than 1.6 gallons per flush, less than half of the 3.5 gallons per flush that was standard in the 1980’s. What emerged after early performance problems in the mechanics of flushing and cleaning toilet bowls with less water were several high-efficiency toilet technologies that actually did perform well and conserved water.

For example, dual-flush technology is a high-efficiency technology that conserves water by separating the gallons of water consumed per flush for solid and liquid waste. Water consumption for solid waste is 1.6 gallons per flush while water consumption for liquid waste 0.8 gallons per flush, equating to half that of solid waste.

Another high-efficiency technology conserved water by creating a fast flush by exerting water force with the assistance of pressurized air with each flush for flushing and cleaning toilet bowls. TOTO’s Willingham One-Piece Toilet uses a fast flush technology. WaterSense toilets are an enhanced high-efficiency technology that uses at least 20% less water than mandated 1.6-gallons per flush toilets without sacrificing flushing and cleaning performance such as Kohler’s San Raphael Toilet line.

Toilet technologies and designs have come a long way since the 1980’s. Whether choosing dual-flush, pressurized air-assisted or WaterSense technologies, much less water is used to handle waste more efficiently.

Toilet designs have advanced in the last 30 years, as well. One-piece toilet designs add elegance to bathrooms and can either include a washlet seat or washlets can be purchased as an add-on. Toto’s Neorest 600 looks sleek for any spa bathroom and comes integrated with a washlet seat.

Some toilet seats have advanced to become a self-contained spa experience. For example, TOTO’s S300 Washlet Seat features front and rear warm water washing, an automatic air dryer and a built-in air purifying deodorizer system. Additionally, it offers automatic operation where the lid opens, closes and toilet flushes when a sensor is activated.

Comfort-height toilets provide, yet, another dimension to today’s toilets for its ease of use, not only meeting ADA compliance for mobility issues, but for the population of tall people who would prefer to sit higher or as a decorative, stately and elegant bathroom fixture that would complement other equally elegant bathroom fixtures such as vessel sinks and deep-soaking bathtubs.

Innovations in bathroom toilet technologies, designs, and performance help to create the ambiance of a private spa bathroom retreat. Temperature controlled heated toilet seats that provide a personal cleansing and drying system, toilet lids that automatically open and close, sensor activated toilet flushing systems with high-efficiency technologies that move substantially reduced amounts of water more vigorously around the bowl for increased cleaning power contributes to the latest innovations in spa bathroom technologies that release, relax and rejuvenate you in a healthy way while indulging your senses with some pampering.