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Amazing Rustic Farmhouse Living Room Design Ideas 43

45 Amazing Rustic Farmhouse Living Room Design Ideas

Your living room should be decorated in your own personal style, not that of a decorator. The living room is usually the first room that your guests see so it is usually a little more formal than the rest of your home. It should also reflect the style preferences of your family members.

There are many decorating styles that you can choose from. The most popular are traditional, country, contemporary, and transitional. You probably prefer one style over another. If you don’t think that you have a style preference, look through some magazines and catalogs to see which ones you like. While you are looking, also look to see which color schemes you like best.

When I decorate a room, I try to mix and match furniture. I do not like to purchase furniture as a suite. I believe that this makes the room look boring and unwelcoming.

For instance, if you like the traditional style, choose pieces of furniture that can build that look for you. By choosing furniture a piece at a time, you will come up with a unique look that is all your own. Use your ingenuity and imagination to create a rare look that reflects your own style. This can be easily done on a limited budget.

Let’s talk about some of the different styles:

Traditional Style

Traditional decorating covers many periods and can include furniture designs from the very elegant to those of the more simple American tradition. You can find good reproductions that look as beautiful as the hard-to-find antiques.

Accessories are more elaborate. Portraits and paintings have double matting with carved or gilded frames. Tables are made of dark wood and have a good number of accessories and floral arrangements. Lighting in the room emphasizes the warmth and richness of the furnishings.

Country Style

Country decorating is informal and cozy. It can be more romantic, like an English cottage, or spare like a Shaker farmhouse.

Antique furniture is usually handcrafted and fabrics are plaid, tweeds and prints. Accents include quilts, old toys and dried flowers.

Contemporary Style

A contemporary style is more dramatic. The furniture is usually low profile and sleek. Simplicity is key in a contemporary living room. Low furniture arrangements are used to give the room and open and uncrowded feeling.

Room accessories usually include one-of-a-kind art pieces that are dramatic and colorful. Indirect lighting is deflected from the ceiling and walls and can add to the drama of the contemporary living room.

Transitional Style

Transitional decorating brings furnishings from different eras together. This creates a room with a unique flair and is usually not limited to just one style. Window treatments are more simple, and often, window treatments are not used at all. Furniture is larger and has simple, straight lines to compliment smaller pieces that have soft, curved lines.

Room accessories are limited to just a few outstanding pieces. Use recessed lighting to keep it low key and to feature architectural fixtures for drama.

Whether you are decorating the entire living room, or simply just sprucing it up, you need to start with a plan. Get your inspiration from books and magazines and by visiting different high-end furniture stores. Decide on your basic style and color scheme and go for it!


Totally Inspiring Apartment Studio Design Ideas 44

47 Totally Inspiring Apartment Studio Design Ideas

You may be wondering exactly what to do to make your apartment or home. There are certain elements of design that need to be present to achieve the modernized look you are going for. Modern apartment design ideas consist of sharp and clean lines, certain fabrics or materials for furniture and of course the area being organized. The following design tips will help you to modernize your space efficiently.

Clean: With modern apartment design the area is very clean and organized. There is no need for clutter and everything will have a soothing, calming and relaxing feel. Your apartment or home is your castle and should reflect as such. There will be a clean look but should also be kept clean and tidy. Nothing is worse than having great accessories and pieces to make up the modern apartment but it is unkempt and untidy.

Spacious: Studio apartments even have the ability to look spacious, when laid out in the right manner. Avoid excessively large furniture in small spaces that will crowd the apartment and make it appear smaller than it actually is. Minimal furniture can be placed in rooms to make the room appear more spacious. Also furniture can be placed against walls and not in the middle of the room. These apartments are all about have space to walk around and also to look at everything that is on display. If the room is laid out well, even the most minute pieces and details will be seen and appreciated by guests.

Glass: Glass is one thing that is commonly found. While traditionalists may prefer wood coffee tables and other pieces, a modern apartment will have glass pieces. Glass makes the apparent feel clean and bright. The sunlight reflecting off of or shining through the glass of various objects gives the modern apartment an aesthetic appeal. Colored glass can also be used to match certain color schemes throughout the room. The colored glass can be in contrast to the colors or match it and still appear modern and up-to-date.

Colors: Modern apartments can have a variety of colors depending on the individual’s taste. Some people prefer soft and neutral colors. While others prefer bold colors. With neutral colors an accent wall or accent accessories can be added to make striking difference that will still appear modern. With bold colors, they can be paired with neutral colors, another bold color, or even solids.

Metal, Chrome, Stainless Steel: The contrast of the metal, chrome or steel with other colors provides a very pleasurable sight. These elements also appear very clean. The will also be very easy find in a variety of stores at reasonable prices.


Cool Farmhouse Style Master Bedroom Decoration Ideas 43

47 Cool Farmhouse Style Master Bedroom Decoration Ideas

Decorating your bedroom with white bedroom furniture has so many benefits that I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t, at the least consider, using this furniture style in their home.

Firstly, it’s light reflecting properties will cause all the light entering the room to bounce off its surfaces and be dispersed throughout the room, instantly lifting your bedroom. We all associate white with peace and tranquillity, enabling white bedroom furniture to transform your bedroom into that restful retreat.

Most furniture styles, woods or colours look harsh and cold without soft furnishings and accessories to introduce warmth into the room but white bedroom furniture has a soft, serene feel to it that requires fewer accessories to achieve that ambience. It has been proven that white is pleasing to look at, creates a greater sense of well being, initiating a restful state of mind and even encouraging sleep. Most of us wouldn’t consider how our choice of bedroom furniture will affect our state of mind and ability to sleep.

White furniture is not imposing like wooden, dark furniture and modern furniture can be. You can incorporate larger pieces of white furniture into your bedroom without cluttering the room and making it appear cramped. White bedroom furniture, in conjunction with white or light shades on the wall, look clean, fresh and bright, even when the weather is grey and dismal, and sunlight is scarce.

White bedroom furniture will easily complement any colour scheme and allow you to choose any wall colour, floor colour and accessories so you can change the colours and theme of your bedroom whenever you feel like.

You can achieve many different looks with white bedroom furniture such as contemporary, vintage, French-style, shabby chic, romantic, modern, country farmhouse; your options are vast. Both modern and contemporary bedrooms should feature large windows, single pane and floor to ceiling windows, if possible. Contemporary bedrooms should feature bold or neutral walls, low-lying bed designs and furniture with square lines.

Modern bedrooms often feature white or light walls with white or grey accessories and high gloss paint, floors and furniture. Vibrant colours are also used to create a modern bedroom to offset white walls, furniture and floors. I think that vintage and romantic rooms are closely intertwined and have characteristic light coloured walls, white French-style or shabby chic furniture, and feature vintage items acquired from flea-markets and the like. Shabby chic style is accomplished by combining different styles and colours of furniture that oddly complement each other.

White bedroom furniture looks striking against light blue and light green furniture pieces that have an undercoat of white and have been lightly sanded and distressed to look ‘shabby’. I always think French farmhouse when I think of shabby chic, but that is my personal take on the style, and everyone will have their own ideas of what this style represents. White furniture, distressed white floorboards and floral or check printed fabrics and curtains will effortlessly portray the country farmhouse feel.


Stunning Basement Playroom Ideas For Kids 43

46 Stunning Basement Playroom Ideas For Kids

If you have a basement that is not being fully utilized, you have no clue how much you are missing out on. Most people use their basements for storage or other things. Why not use this basement finishing idea that your kids will love?

There are so many wonderful options for your basement. You can quickly create an extension of your main living area. In this article you will find some great ideas and get a fantastic option for a basement finishing idea that your kids will be excited about.

Play Room

This is the best basement finishing idea, due to the fact that it will provide your kids a perfect space to call their own. They can invite friends over, and have a space to mess around in that is just for them. The best thing about this is that they will be able to play without destroying their bedrooms. Let’s look at some great tips for this basement finishing idea.


You should paint your basement in any colors that you think your kids will enjoy. However, there is a paint that you can buy which will turn any area that you paint with it into a chalkboard. This can be really fun. Paint one whole wall with this paint, and get a basket of colored chalk for your kids to draw with. You can foster creative and artistic talent, keep your kids occupied, and they will love being allowed to write on the wall.


You have a few great choices if you want to address the floors for this basement finishing idea. You can go with carpet, if you want to provide some insulation for the room. Some basement floors are really cold. You don’t need to get an expensive carpet, because it’s just a playroom. If you go with a good indoor/outdoor carpet, it will be easier to clean than the shag type.

Another great choice for this basement finishing idea is to use tile or wood plank to finish your floors. The advantage to this is that it will be a lot easier for you to clean up. With a playroom, there can be some messes, and with this kind of flooring, you can easily sweep or mop them up. If you go with this basement finishing idea, just purchase a few cheap area rugs, or maybe some house slippers!


When you’ve completed the flooring and the paint, there are some great things you can include in the room, which will make your kids happy. Place a television in your basement and hook up the video games down there. This gives the kids a good place to play without disturbing the other family members.

With this basement finishing idea, add in some extra great playthings. You could go with a small basketball hoop hooked to one wall so they can throw the ball. Or, you could put in a foosball table or something similar.


Creative Diy Fire Pit Ideas Backyard Landscaping Ideas 44

46 Creative Diy Fire Pit Ideas Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Today’s homeowners are more familiar with stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot then any other ones. It’s the smart homeowner who knows that there isn’t any better place to invest his money, or his or her time. You can create your own paradise right in your own backyard. The only thing that limits your landscaping design is your imagination.

Perhaps you entertain often with lots of cook-outs and barbecues. Have you ever thought of an outdoor kitchen? They’re becoming more and more popular and you can certainly build one within your price range. How about building a gazebo in your yard? Gazebos are lovely focal points and wonderful shady places to enjoy a picnic or get together. Outdoor fire pits are becoming more popular too. They provide a place of warmth on a cool spring or summer evening.

Some homeowners like to invite nature into their backyards. Some do this by simply adding a birdhouse or bird bath. A simple bird bath is enough to bring birds into your back yard. If you add a specially designed bird house, you’ll have even more feathered friends showing up. Another way to invite wildlife into your backyard is by installing a backyard pond or pond and waterfall.

It’s not difficult to build a pond but it is heavy work. If you plan your own pond you can have any shape or size that you want in your landscaping. You can also purchase preformed pond forms in a variety of sizes. Once a pond is established with aquatic plants, fish and scavengers it is fairly easy care. Imagine how lovely it would be sitting on your deck overlooking your pond.

Another fabulous water feature in any backyard is a waterfall. A waterfall can be built in conjunction with a pond, or with a pond. Again, a waterfall can be created in any size that you want. These are both very easy DIY projects for those with some skills, but a strong back is a must.

Once you’ve added the waterfall and pond you’ll want to add lovely landscaping around them with shrubs and flowers. It’s true that some people have “green thumbs” and some don’t, but what those with green thumbs really have is experience. The way to a lovely garden is to follow a few simple rules. First, proper soil. Second, proper lighting exposure for each plant. Although perennial plants initially cost more than annuals, perennials will return year after year, and generally within 3-4 years need to be thinned which gives you more plants for your garden!

Keep in mind before undertaking any large landscaping project have a final plan in mind. You don’t want to dig a pond or spend time planting a large garden and then find yourself digging it up a few years later to move it. Depending on what you want to do it may be worth your while to invest in having a professional landscaper come to your home. They will be able to give you advice about your ideas and tell you the best use of space for your design.


Stylish Gray Sofa Living Room Décor Ideas 41

45 Stylish Gray Sofa Living Room Décor Ideas

The living room is one of the most important rooms in the entire house. It not only welcomes guests and visitors, it also serves as the focal point and acts as a showcase for the entire house. In simple terms, the living room is the focal point of a home.

Contemporary living room furniture is generally preferred by people who enjoy modern styles of living. Contemporary furniture can be chosen to fit any house, and offers a wide variety of choices that are almost guaranteed to suit any taste, comfort and style. Moreover, it adds a contemporary flair to the living room.

Typical characteristics of contemporary living room furniture include modular sofas, abstract lighting sources, pedestal tables, sleek sideboards, etc. Some of the hallmarks of contemporary living room designs include monochromatic color schemes that are deliberately understated, modular elements that are integrated so as to have multiple uses and curvilinear shapes.

C0ntemporary living room furniture often uses deliberate monochromes such as gray and black. However, to add a dash of color and luster, certain contemporary living room furniture designs make use of colorful cushions or leather covered stools of various shapes, like cubes. Other accessories commonly used to fill up bare spots include accent chairs, end tables and wicker coffee tables.

No living room is considered complete without the presence on an entertainment center. TV stands, speaker cubicles and racks to store CDs or DVDs come in a variety of models, some that incorporate futuristic designs and lighting styles to fit the décor of any living room. They come in a variety of finishes with clear or frosted glass doors. Most of these systems use innovative wire management systems to mask the jumble of wires that normally accompany any home entertainment system.

All said and done, contemporary living room furniture may be just what is needed to add that touch of elegance and sophistication to any living room. The décor and styling can be chosen to suit any budget.


Stunning Living Rooms With Leather Furniture Decorating Ideas 33

45 Stunning Living Rooms With Leather Furniture Decorating Ideas

Decoration of your lovely home is an important task. You need to use the best possible techniques of interior decoration to maximize the overall beauty of your homes. One of the best techniques of interior decoration is using good-looking designer furniture. You can create a pleasant atmosphere for living by placing elegant piece of furniture in your house wherever required.

The living room is among the most used places in every home. People spend their leisure time with other members of their family in living room watching television, listening music or just chatting with each other. It is the place where you sit with your guests and visitors, so you need to take extra care in decorating this portion of your home.

To give a vibrant look to your living room, you need to consider several things. From lighting arrangement to, furniture to sit and relax as well as placement of your latest entertainment gadgets are the most important points to consider. Proper planning is the key to success of your interior designing. Here are a few tips to decorate your living room:

o Furniture – Living room furniture has very important role in interior designing. It is a major factor in deciding the look and feel of your living room. They should be attractive, cost effective as well as comfortable at the same time. You can think of buying leather furniture (leather sofa sets or leather recliner) to give a unique look. You also have options of selecting furniture with fabric finish matching with the color scheme of your living room. One more experiment that you can do with placement of living room furniture is by using sectional sofa sets. Sectional sofa sets bring a different effect and convenient sitting in your living room.

o Placement of Entertainment Gadgets – Effective placement of entertainment gadgets along with stylish wall units can also create a magical effect in your living room. These days you can find specialized furniture for placement of your television, music and video players. Multi piece wall sets are very popular these days that helps you in arrangement of all entertainment devices at one place.

o Lighting – There is great significance of lighting arrangements in living room. It creates the mood of people and set a pleasant environment for spending time.

If you are willing to renovate your living room with unique and ultra modern interior designing themes then contact an experienced interior designer, or designer furniture dealers in your area. They will help you in making your dream home.


Inspiring Living Room Carpet Decorating Ideas 40

44 Inspiring Living Room Carpet Decorating Ideas

In the contemporary age, the homeowners are very conscious to decorate their homes especially their living rooms in the most luxurious style by getting help of an interior designer. The professional interior designers help you to décor your home in the unique style, which is not so conventional or boring.

There are many tips for decorating living rooms with contemporary furniture and you should follow such useful and innovative tips for your room décor. You should choose all colours of your decorative items with perfect blend of shades, which coordinate with other living room items so that there will be a complete harmony of all contemporary furniture items, curtains, bed sheets and other decorative items.

You should follow a perfect colour scheme according to the modern trends, having perfect blend of all bright and dull shades like yellow and purple, black or white and red, orange, or yellow etc. you may choose some stylish upholstery patterns or striped sofa with floral rugs or carpets in the room.

You shouldn’t need to use excessive photographs of your family in living rooms, always try to use contemporary frames and places, which give fantastic contemporary touches to your room décor. You may choose a variety of contemporary furniture for your room, manufactured by different kinds of materials like glass, chrome, leather, stainless steel, wood and platinum.

You can coordinate few antique pieces with your contemporary decorative items. Never overload your living rooms with excess furniture if you like to have spacious rooms where you may get relaxation easily. If you have naughty kids, who visit the living room regularly, and you want to protect your precious contemporary furniture from any kind of damages, so try to use durable products of branded furniture manufacturers.

Always try to use contemporary design, having all bold, unconventional and sleek shapes, which enhance appearance of your living room so attractively. The main features of contemporary furniture are distinguished so prominently like its clean edges, soft upholstery, bright colors of couches and other items. There are varieties of different outstanding and innovative contemporary living rooms, which are manufactured by different reputable manufacturers and designers.

You may find some timeless artistic works of manufacturers who may design exclusive contemporary living room furniture for your home décor. You may have assortments of all such contemporary living room furniture including sofas, couches, coffee tables, TV furniture, armchair, and bookshelf, etc. You may buy affordable rates of ready-made contemporary furniture for your living room by renovating all your old furniture with the latest designs and styles of furniture.


Stylish Small Bathroom Design Colors Ideas 41

44 Stylish Small Bathroom Design Colors Ideas

Most homeowners with small bathroom designs probably wish they had a more luxurious space but the reality is that oftentimes it’s simply not possible. The key to achieving a well designed small bathroom is to make it feel more spacious. Make small bathroom designs seem larger than reality by visually opening up the space.

Here are some small bathroom ideas to consider…

Reduce Clutter: Keep your bathroom organized and remove all the unnecessary items from your small bathroom design. The first step is to go through all your personal and hygiene items. What is expired? What have you been keeping just in case? What could be stored elsewhere? Based on your personal needs, determine what must stay in the bathroom for you to remain functional and what’s simply unnecessary. Some bathroom accessories can will create a lot of clutter and make organization extremely difficult.

Size of Fixtures: Fixtures usually come in standard sizes but if you have a sink set in a large vanity unit or a full size bathtub, consider some alternate design solutions. Perhaps instead of the sink and vanity combo, remove the storage unit and replace the existing sink with a freestanding fixture. This will visually open up the space and is a popular solution being adopted by many professional designers. Another idea when remodeling small bathrooms is to remove the full size bathtub and replace it with a standing shower enclosure. These small bathroom ideas may not be an optimal solution if you use the bathtub regularly but in some households this may be a perfect solution to create more usable space.

Corner Space: Corner spaces are often not taken advantage of in most small bathroom designs. These spaces are great for corner vanities and sinks as well as storage units. Keep in mind that if you are moving the location of an existing sink, relocating the plumbing can be costly. Consider the pros and cons of this solution to determine if the final result is worth the cost.

Vertical Space: Take advantage of the vertical space available in your small bathroom. Instead of a vanity unit consider incorporating a tall storage cabinet. This will give you a lot more storage by taking up the same amount of floor space. A vertical towel drying rack is also a great solution. This will give you more space for your towels without taking up an entire length of wall.

Avoid Bulky Storage Cabinets: Over sized storage cabinets can add a lot of visual weight to a small bathroom. If storage space is a necessary element in your room consider built-in units. This can entail full height cabinets as well as open nooks or shelves. Determine where the wall studs lay in your room and you’ll find the perfect area (or areas) for adding built-in units.

Lighting: Adding sufficient lighting levels can be a simple addition to any small bathroom remodeling project. For general overall lighting consider recessed ceiling fixtures. This type of fixture is a great way to expand the height of the ceiling. Surface mounted fixtures as well as hanging pendants can make the ceiling look lower and the space feel more crowded.

Consider wall sconces or a clean line track light system if you have a freestanding sink with no vanity. Avoid bulky fixtures that might seem too heavy for the small space.

Vanities and storage units can be a great location for accent lights. By keeping the small space well lit, it will automatically seem larger.

Another great addition to any small bathroom is natural light. If this is a possibility in your space, add a window or skylight.

Materials & Finishes: To make a bathroom look larger use lighter and more subtle colors when selecting paint, wallpaper, and tile. Wallpaper can add a beautiful touch to a bathroom but avoid using large, busy patterns. Instead, choose a smaller pattern with a tone on tone color palette. Choose one wall to apply the wallpaper to and paint the remaining walls a similar color.

To heighten the ceiling use a white or off white paint color. If white is not ideal for your design, choose a paint color that is a few shades lighter than the color of the walls.

With all this being said, bold or darker colors can still be used in the color scheme of a small bathroom. Try incorporating the use of darker colors in accents. This could include accent wall tiles, towels, soap dispensers and any other accessories.

There are many different ways to incorporate the use of mirrors into a small area, which is another great way to visually expand small bathroom designs. Depending on the layout of your room consider applying a full height mirror to an entire wall; or bring a tile up the wall approximately 36″ high and apply a mirror from tile to ceiling.


Fantastic Luxury Dining Room Décor Ideas 40

43 Fantastic Luxury Dining Room Décor Ideas

Dining room is perhaps the most commonly used area of your house. And of course, dining table is the focus of this important room that makes the chairs its centre field. Therefore to enjoy a real meal experience, you must have a well-furnished dining area with properly arranged table, chairs and a striking crockery/ cutlery set make every meal and novel experience.