Creative Diy Fire Pit Ideas Backyard Landscaping Ideas 44
Creative Diy Fire Pit Ideas Backyard Landscaping Ideas 44

46 Creative Diy Fire Pit Ideas Backyard Landscaping Ideas

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Today’s homeowners are more familiar with stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot then any other ones. It’s the smart homeowner who knows that there isn’t any better place to invest his money, or his or her time. You can create your own paradise right in your own backyard. The only thing that limits your landscaping design is your imagination.

Perhaps you entertain often with lots of cook-outs and barbecues. Have you ever thought of an outdoor kitchen? They’re becoming more and more popular and you can certainly build one within your price range. How about building a gazebo in your yard? Gazebos are lovely focal points and wonderful shady places to enjoy a picnic or get together. Outdoor fire pits are becoming more popular too. They provide a place of warmth on a cool spring or summer evening.

Some homeowners like to invite nature into their backyards. Some do this by simply adding a birdhouse or bird bath. A simple bird bath is enough to bring birds into your back yard. If you add a specially designed bird house, you’ll have even more feathered friends showing up. Another way to invite wildlife into your backyard is by installing a backyard pond or pond and waterfall.

It’s not difficult to build a pond but it is heavy work. If you plan your own pond you can have any shape or size that you want in your landscaping. You can also purchase preformed pond forms in a variety of sizes. Once a pond is established with aquatic plants, fish and scavengers it is fairly easy care. Imagine how lovely it would be sitting on your deck overlooking your pond.

Another fabulous water feature in any backyard is a waterfall. A waterfall can be built in conjunction with a pond, or with a pond. Again, a waterfall can be created in any size that you want. These are both very easy DIY projects for those with some skills, but a strong back is a must.

Once you’ve added the waterfall and pond you’ll want to add lovely landscaping around them with shrubs and flowers. It’s true that some people have “green thumbs” and some don’t, but what those with green thumbs really have is experience. The way to a lovely garden is to follow a few simple rules. First, proper soil. Second, proper lighting exposure for each plant. Although perennial plants initially cost more than annuals, perennials will return year after year, and generally within 3-4 years need to be thinned which gives you more plants for your garden!

Keep in mind before undertaking any large landscaping project have a final plan in mind. You don’t want to dig a pond or spend time planting a large garden and then find yourself digging it up a few years later to move it. Depending on what you want to do it may be worth your while to invest in having a professional landscaper come to your home. They will be able to give you advice about your ideas and tell you the best use of space for your design.