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Fancy Diy Farmhouse Wooden Project Ideas To Upgrade Your Home Decor 27

30+ Fancy Diy Farmhouse Wooden Project Ideas To Upgrade Your Home Decor

A broken grandfather’s chair, an extra wooden cabinet for your child’s new trophy or a dilapidated barn in the backyard, all demand your attention for simple do-it-yourself (DIY) wood projects.

If you have spent hours stooping over that old wooden stool and not yet found the correct measurement and you have finally decided to quit, what you would need to get yourself is a high quality woodworking resource which could get rid of all your worries.

Before You Start A DIY Wood Project

Most woodworking resources have similar kinds of drawbacks. They tend to confuse the worker because of the lack of clarity, detailed instructions, confusing or even wrong diagrams. With such a woodworking plan, you will go on spending your time and energy on something that would never yield a result at all! To make it worse, you will be left feeling frustrated.

In order to achieve success in fixing broken furniture or just getting adventurous about building your own new woodwork, what you need is to know how to choose the correct woodworking resource.

How To Ensure Success In Your DIY Woodwork Projects?

It is vital you choose your woodworking guide carefully. This will ensure full use of you time, money and energy. The following characteristics in a woodworking resource will help in making that perfect piece of DIY wood project!

1. Clarity And Detail

A tiny screw or a puny bolt missed out in the guide might leave the whole project incomplete. Find for yourself a woodwork resource in which you can see the exact methods and details of the construction. The woodwork resource must be detailed as in what materials have to be used and what steps to follow.

2. Step-By-Step Instructions

A successful woodwork project requires a good and logical woodworking order. With clear instructions of what to do after a step you have completed, it would make your project less complicated and the experience much more enjoyable. Look for a well-known guide which is produced by an experience woodworker and one that has received positive feedback and you are most likely to see satisfying results.

3. Easy To Follow

A good woodworking guide must be easily understandable and should be easy to follow, even for a novice. It should not use complicated language and it should clearly lay down instructions which can be followed without any painstaking guesswork involved. It has to be comprehensive in the first go itself.


In order to ensure that your project succeeds each time, try finding a good resource that would have all the above qualities. Not only will your DIY wood project be an enjoyable experience, you will be able to make beautiful pieces of furniture your family and friends will admire.

Excellent Laundry Room Décor Ideas To Be Inspiration 20

20+ Excellent Laundry Room Décor Ideas To Be Inspiration

If you’re like most of us, you probably spend more time in the laundry room than you actually want to but you never really think about how you have it decorated or styled. In fact, the laundry room is probably one of the most used but most ignored places in the entire house. It just doesn’t occur to us that it can be decorated well, and made much more pretty, inviting, and enjoyable to use.

If you take a weekend and simply concentrate on updating your laundry room design style, you may find you’re not nearly as bored when you’re in there doing the chores.

Most laundry rooms look way too utilitarian. They’re drab, dull, and just plain uninviting. This makes decorating easy though, because just adding a touch of color to the room will dramatically change the entire look and feel.

Now you don’t want to paint all the walls a dark color of course, because if your laundry room is like most it’s small. And painting small rooms in dark colors will make them feel even smaller and more claustrophobic than usual. Dark colors will actually make your clothes seem more dingy and drab too, and that’s likely to make us depressed or annoyed.

So one of the best things you can do to spruce up both the look and feel of your laundry room is to add touches of light and bright colors. Try painting the trim in a soft yellow or pastel tone for example, or experiment with bright primary colors such as green and blue.

Since it’s not likely anyone but you will actually see the laundry room, you can really have fun testing your creativity when decorating this area. If you’ve always wanted to try some whimsical home accents, paint a wall mural, or even try out some funky stencil designs and paint colors… this is the place for it. Your laundry room can become your new artists pallet.

First, think of a design theme you’d like to try. Maybe you’ve always wondered what striped walls might look like, or maybe you’d like the room to feel like you’re a little kid in Grandma’s backyard. Try painting clothes on the wall as if they’re hanging on the clothesline, then add a bit of grass and wild flowers, and puffy clouds above for the sky.

If that sounds too challenging for you, another excellent laundry room theme is a retro style. Paint various laundry words on your walls in different sizes and colors: Soap, Iron, Wash, Dry. Then hang framed art prints which display vintage ads for laundry soap, or old labels from detergents used in days gone by.

And remember that just because you’re decorating a laundry room, that doesn’t mean you have to pick a cleaning style theme. You can actually do whatever your heart desires here. Try creating a beach style theme to make it seem you’re by the sea shore, or paint giant sunflowers on the wall. Do whatever makes you happiest when you design this room, because the goal is to make you smile while you’re going about the mundane chores.

Best Diy Outdoor Furniture Ideas You Can Put In Garden 27

40+ Best Diy Outdoor Furniture Ideas You Can Put In Garden

Being outside is such a great feeling and people who have gardens will often want to make the most of them when the weather is good. If you are looking for furniture for your garden you will want to make sure that you are choosing the best possible types for your needs. Maybe you have never bought outdoor furniture before and need a little help on the subject to make sure you get it right. So here are a few things that you should think about before you go out and purchase your furniture.

• What type of outdoor furniture do you need? Some people love the look of Rattan furniture whereas other people will always want to go for traditional wicker furniture for their garden. Spend a little time thinking about this and check out the different styles and you will soon know which type you would prefer in your garden.

• Is the furniture going to be outside all year round? Many people do not have the space to take their outdoor furniture inside during the wetter months. With this in mind it makes really good financial sense to choose outdoor furniture that is all weather. This kind of furniture will stand up to wet weather and hot weather and will not start to disintegrate all look old and shabby.

• Do you need to provide shade with your furniture? If you are going to be positioning your outdoor furniture in a very sunny spot you need to think about UV protection. Make sure that you can buy a canopy or garden umbrella that will match your furniture so people are able to protect themselves from the sun while they are sat in the garden.

• How much are you planning to spend on the furniture that you buy? If you are trying to stick to what you might want to consider furniture that is made out of lighter materials and has an aluminum frame. These will work out to be much cheaper than furniture is made from hand woven materials and so on. However when it comes to choosing furniture for your backyard you should never compromise on quality as you want this furniture to last for a long time and give you many years of use as you enjoy your garden.

• If you have children choose outdoor furniture that can be used by them comfortably. There are plenty of different sizes of furniture that you can buy a used outdoors. So consider your children when you’re making your purchase and they will have the furniture that they need while they are outdoors.

• Can you build your outdoor furniture or will you need help? There are some steps that will come ready prepared and if you are not very good DIY you might want to think about buying this type. However if you have no problem with projects that will require you to build furniture yourself you can go ahead and choose any of the types that are currently on the market.

Elegant Dining Room Decoration Ideas For Family 26

40+ Elegant Dining Room Decoration Ideas For Family

While eating in your kitchen does feel better in some ways, being close to the smells of cooking and the warmth of the stove for instance, there is a lot to be said about making the dining room the center of your family dining. There is more room in the dining room, and everyone gets to eat together. That’s a different kind of warmth – a place that lends atmosphere to convivial joy – eating, talking, laughing, enjoying one another’s company. With a room that’s intended for such togetherness, what kind of dining room decorating ideas would create an environment that would best support it?

The simplest thing you could do would be to decorate with candlesticks placed wherever they will fit (and not set anything on fire). That does lend a certain amount of warm elegance. But there is a lot more you could do too accessorizing your dining room for the exact feel that you are looking for. Families tend to feel well taken care of in a formally decorated dining room. A silver tea service placed strategically on a patterned doily on the dining table can do a lot for the kind of happily pretentious pleasure families sometimes like to have together. Sometimes, a beautiful metal punch bowl could bring a little old world charm in, too.

The idea with these dining room decorating ideas is to bring in a sense of special character to the dining area. Most people never pay attention to how turning your dining into a festive occasion makes the experience a lot more agreeable with children and grown-ups alike. Would you consider having a mural painted on a wall in the dining room? You could have an art student from a local art college come in and do it for you for little pay. Show the art student the kind of tablecloths, the china and the furniture that you plan to have in the room, and she’ll probably find a color scheme to paint that will go along with all of this.

When decorating the room, let’s not forget that using food as a decoration can really put people in the mind of partaking of a meal. Try setting platters of fruit around where they could look good. A platter bountiful with fruit placed next to your tea service should look very attractive. And of course, when considering dining room decorating ideas, let’s not overlook the contribution that the right kind of lighting can bring in. Certainly, a beautifully shaded lamp or two casting a warm glow next to the table should be very pretty. If you could afford it, a chandelier with tiny bulbs right above the dining table should light everything wonderfully, only not too brightly. If you could put in a large mirror on one wall, that would lend a slightly unexpected expansiveness to the dining room that should really make for a dramatic effect.

Gorgeous Summer Wedding Decoration Ideas Can You Try 35

30+ Gorgeous Summer Wedding Decoration Ideas Can You Try

Weddings during the summer season are vibrant, colorful and fun and there are so many summer wedding ideas that you can choose from. Summers are full of shine and warmth, glow and beauty and this is the time for using and experimenting with all sorts of colors.

Although weddings are normally an expensive affair but that doesn’t always mean that all weddings have to be lavish when you can cut down on your expenses and still have a lovely ceremony with a decent budget too.

You can have a cozy ceremony in your family member’s or even a friends backyard, the one who has an expansive and a beautiful yard. If you are quite close to any of your family member or your friend, then you wouldn’t have to shell out a penny apart from mowing the lawn.

A green and fresh flower garden with a pretty little water fountain would be an addition and will ooze out a fresh and mellow summer feel for the guests with summer wedding colors in bloom as this small venue can be as lovely as renting an outdoor professional venue.

Cheap summer wedding ideas do not imply that your wedding would be a second grade affair – you just have to be more receptive of other ideas and put your creativity and imagination to use.

Rather than engaging a professional catering service from outside for your wedding, you can get assistance from your loved ones, who are excellent cooks. It will greatly reduce your overall budget.

Stick with summer wedding flowers which are seasonal because importing flowers anytime always increases the budget as non-seasonal are expensive than the seasonal ones. You can pick two kinds of colorful flowers for your summer wedding bouquets.

Artificial flowers like the ones made out of silk are cheaper than the natural flowers and look just as beautiful.

Cakes in a square shape are normally costlier per slice wise than the round cakes. There are many people at the wedding who might not eat the cake at all, so you can let the baker you hired have a small figure of guests than the exact number you’re expecting to be there at the wedding.

For example if you are expecting about 150 guests, then ask the baker to bake a wedding cake for about a 100 or 110 people, which will really cut your cost and it’s one of the best summer wedding ideas for cost cutting. Cutting the cake is a ceremonial event, so the slices per guest can be kept modest.

Instead of employing professional help for the decor, do the summer wedding decorations on your own, by involving your friends or family and apart from lowering your costs you will have a lot of fun doing so.

Get the wedding photo and video package combined as it will cost you less than booking both the things separately, whether you book it from the same or different studios. Print the placement cards and invitation cards from your own computer system. The stationary for the same can be purchased from any good stationery supply shop. You will save a modest amount.

If you have a receptive and an open mind, there are so many affordable summer wedding ideas for you to pick from. Spending lavishly does not always ensure that you’ll have a stunning event.

The effort, love and time you put in to the process is what that’s going to matter by the end of it and so does the presence of your loved ones.

Modern Tile Design Ideas For Your Laundry Room 38

30+ Modern Tile Design Ideas For Your Laundry Room

When decorating a laundry room, there are several functionality factors that are brought into question. Some people struggle with deciding what type of flooring to use in a laundry room. Self adhesive floor tiles are a great idea for functionality and design quality in any laundry area.

Because self adhesive floor tile is extremely easy to install, it is a great alternative for the floor. The installation process can be done by the homeowner themselves and will easily be finished within a day. These types of tiles are also extremely inexpensive and, with so many different styles available, it is easy to choose an affordable method of flooring to fit any laundry room.

Many laundry floors experience a lot of wear and tear. These floors tend to become wet often and this can sometimes cause damage to certain types of flooring. However, using self adhesive vinyl floor tiles can help to avoid major water damage done to a laundry room floor because of its level of water resistance.

Though vinyl floor tiles can often help reduce the amount of damage to the floor, it is sometimes unavoidable. When it comes to replacing the floor in a laundry room, using self adhesive floor tiles can make the process much easier. Because these tiles are simple and inexpensive to install, they are also easy to reinstall without spending too much money.

Using self adhesive floor tiles can be a great option for any laundry spot. It helps to eliminate the wear and tear caused to most laundry room floors. When it comes time to actually replace the floor, using self adhesive tiles is inexpensive and easy. It is especially good for those rooms that are also used as an entryway and experience a lot of foot traffic.

Creative Diy Garden Walkway Ideas You Can Build 16

40+ Creative Diy Garden Walkway Ideas You Can Build

Many of the tools that you will need to install your own brick or paved footpath are familiar to any home upkeep project. If you have a yard, then you might already have a garden hose, rake, shovel, and trowel. It’s important for you to have protection goggles and durable gloves for this, and a broom, hammer or mallet, measuring tape, and scissors are also needed. You will need string and stakes, in addition to whatever you want to use for edging (brick, metal, wood, or plastic restraints), 2×4 or pipe segments to use for leveling the levels, and if using wood for edging, a drill and appropriate bit. A wheelbarrow may come in handy to move supplies to the chosen area. You may be able to rent a plate compacting machine and brick cutter from Home Depot or Lowe’s: bricks, gravel, and sand.

Be sure that you use materials specifically meant for sidewalk or patio use. Gravel or crushed stone mixes are an easier alternative to a concrete base layer. Do not use regular bricks, such as the sort found in fireplaces, for this; paving bricks do not have the holes found in regular bricks, and thus are more durable and safer to be used for ground implementation.

To start, ensure that the area you desire for the brick is secure. Check for any utility lines that may be hidden underground, and tree roots that may be disturbed. Also make sure that there is some sort of slope or decline for drainage, so that your yard or worse, your house, is not injured from rain or snow that has nowhere to wash away. To approximate the amount of sand, gravel, and bricks you will need, figure out the square footage of the design. Sand and gravel are usually referred to in cubic yards and one cubic yard is equal to around 27 cubic feet or 324 square feet, at one inch depths of coverage. Between four and five 4×8 inch bricks are needed per square foot, depending on the size of the brick and the shape of the design. It’s always better to have more than less, so get an additional five to ten percent of the total amount of bricks, to allow for mistakes, edging, or even practice cuts.

Now get dirty! Outline the area with yarn and stakes, or a hose its if a circular design. Use a flat shovel to get rid of the dirt, (a trowel for any hard to reach areas), and then begin layering the gravel. Use the compactor in between layering to guarantee a smooth foundation. Once you begin adding sand, use your screed materials to check for even levels by laying a couple of sections on the sand and running another piece over. Once smooth, remove the pieces and start applying the bricks and edging materials. Only tamp down the bricks once you are sure of the layout. Fill in any gaps between the bricks with sand, and rake or brush through to settle it down. Repeat brushing for the first few times after rain, to further reinforce the inlay.

Be sure to appreciate your hard work! Clay-based paving bricks come in many colors of brown, cream, green, orange, pink, red, and sparkling with metallic touches. You can have the traditional rectangular shaped brick or custom cuts, all of which are slip resistant, which is calming when walking in wet weather or barefoot. Common patio or walkway patterns include basket weave, herringbone, running bond, stacking bond, and all modification. Will you use a uniform or alternate model? Whatever you choose, make your walkway a reflection of your personal taste.

Unique Boho Bedroom Decorating Ideas To Upgrade Your House 43

40+ Unique Boho Bedroom Decorating Ideas To Upgrade Your House

Bohemian eclectic decor is an unique personal statement deriving inspiration from a variety of cultures and a broad spectrum of vintage spaces. A curated space that is based purely on true imagination that knows no boundaries and seeks no approval is truly eclectic boho style. Antiques and furniture that are art, unique artisan crafted statement furniture livens up each room as you travel through the house.

Eclectic mix of colors and textures seen in antique doors from India and the carved barn doors instantly brighten up a space that was earlier dull and boring. Embellished tapesteries and sheer sari curtains, mix various patterns and textures in a bold eclectic bohemian statement. The distressed aged wood cabinets, studded with metals, and old door sideboard media consoles give the free spirited vibes to the home.

Bohemian style is not for those who like neutral tones. Vibrant colors of the turquoise coffee tables or the ochre yellow carved cabinet must be added to your space. Mix brightly colored Indian carved barndoors of Krishna and Ganesha adding the old world charm, connecting with old traditions and energies. Each corner of the room is vibrant with love and color and the level of energy in the room is exuberant with happiness.

A beautiful handcarved swing sits in the living room under high ceilings, surrounded by tall plants. Design as you would with energies that take you beyond the normal. Arches and custom carved doors give bold statement to the doorways. Make a picture collage with your favorite items and frame it with an old window carved eleborately and intricately in paisleys and florals. The haveli door with horse shoes and a beautiful carved header with fishes and chakra is the masterpiece statement architectural design that leads into the library. Create an eclectic bohemian statement with all of your family pictures hung in a custom carved wall frame.

Canopies made from sari curtains and patchwork accent plllows energize the bedroom. Play around with the custom made kamasutra headboard in different colors, and textures adding layers of depth with fabrics. Crystals and plants along with larger carved wood cabinets in hues of soft green and peach give the room a masterful touch of bohemian charm. Your home is a paradise of eclectic curated art and architecture vibrating with your personal style.

Fall in love with the Jaipur Om door and build a room around it, taking what it offers, all the time and people it has seen and experienced, bringing it all together to add a new dimension of energy. Bonding with the temple sculpture of Shiva Parvati, a tremendously spectacular sculpture sitting inside the huge Shekhawati arch, there is a magnetic attraction to the ancient energy it represents. Eclectic bohemian decor has no boundaries and is as free spirited as you are.

Fancy Diy Farmhouse Plate Rack Ideas That You Can Do 18

30+ Fancy Diy Farmhouse Plate Rack Ideas That You Can Do

If you are looking to purchase a new kitchen, then before going to you local DIY store and parting with your money, consider the added benefits of having a handmade kitchen.

Most people would assume that a bespoke kitchen would be well out of their price range and wouldn’t even consider getting an estimate, where in fact it could actually work out to be cheaper and save a lot of unnecessary extra work

For example, if you was to consider a designer that not only offer standard sizes, but offered bespoke sizes, you would see that the kitchen could be planned out with better use of the space

Not only will you benefit from optimising the space with in your kitchen, you would be presented with a much bigger choice of styles and finishes, also most bespoke kitchen companies offer a large selection of accessories to match the large choice of styles

A standard kitchen manufacture would usually offer about 40-50 different kitchen styles and colours, which on first impressions would seem very appealing. But once you start the process of elimination you will see that this sometimes leaves you wanting more options.

If you went to a standard kitchen manufacturer with the idea that you would like a shaker style kitchen, he or she might say you can have it in either white or cream, where as a handmade kitchen company could give you the option of 10 or more colours or even suggest that you could have it painted any colour. This would also apply for the material and finishes that were being offered. A bespoke kitchen company would more than likely offer the shaker style in several different timbers and several different finished, some of the popular timbers are Oak, Maple, Cherry, Walnut, Pine and Ash and some of the popular finishes are Natural lacquered, bleached, dragged, washed and stained.

With a great selection of kitchen styles to choose from and a huge array of timbers and finishes having a bespoke kitchen gives the customer more scope to work with. On top all these advantages, the doors and cabinets can also be made to measure, so if you want a particular sized wall unit to cover a boiler for example, this could be catered for. As well as all the units being made any height, any width, any depth, any style and any colour, you can compliment the kitchen with a vast variety or detailed cornices, pelmets, skirting, over mantles, wine racks, plate racks and pilasters.

With all the different options available you would automatically assume that a bespoke kitchen would be double the price of an off the shelf kitchen, but you could be pleasantly surprised to find that a custom made kitchen may not be anymore expensive, furthermore the designer is able to build the kitchen to your exact requirement and will be able to offer you options that others wouldn’t even be able to consider.

Most handmade kitchen companies offer a free no obligation estimate and design service, so getting an estimate to compare prices would cost you nothing. You may find that the designer suggest things that would never of crossed your mind.

Perfect Home Decoration Ideas For Summer 32

30+ Perfect Home Decoration Ideas For Summer

Start your summer right, by adding seasonal home décor to your to-do list.

Utilizing seasonal home décor is a great way to add spice to your surroundings and a surefire way to garnish compliments from your regular houseguests. In fact, one of the most popular home decorating trends currently is seasonal decorating, as it takes a dedicated creative person to come up with enough home decorating ideas four times a year on an average of every three months.

If you are considering seasonal decorating, the summer is a wonderful time to start brainstorming home decorating ideas as summer signifies a break for your children who old or young can help you create perfect summer home decoration ambience within your house. Summer is bright, cheerful and a time for guilty free pleasure, so how some fun with your home as well! Summer colors that will brighten your house to match the summer sun The sun always seems to glow brighter in the sun, and your house should also. Therefore, you need to look at your current interior decoration and use it develop summer home decoration ideas. Bright colors are easy to come by, so when trying to create color scheme ideas for your home think bright and natural. Baby colors are a great place to start as they are traditionally light airy colors, but not so obnoxiously bright as too clash with your current furniture and home accessories as well as your current interior decoration. Summer lightness has no bounds, so you just need to pick colors that do not clash with each, and from there go wild with the colors you choose to use.

Adding your summer attitude to the interior decoration of your home Of course, you probably cannot afford to replace your furniture and home accessories every three months as the seasons change, but in keeping with the attitude of seasonal home décor, it may be possible to add a few pieces to your home’s interior decoration. As the season changes, you can take these simple changes and store them for next summer either in your attic or if you are lucky enough to have one, your storage closet. For example, if your living room is white, you may consider replacing the traditional wooden mirror with a mirror encircled by the sun. This way you can bring the sun of summer right into your summer home decoration.

Another easy way to spruce up the place is by adding summer flowers into all the flower vases around the home. Take out the fake plants, and add flowers picked from your home’s landscaping such as daisies, lilacs, and roses. Although it will require more maintenance to keep up with real flowers than the fake ones, this is a great touch to add to your seasonal decorating efforts because you bring the pleasant smells of summer inside creating a wonderful ambiance to your home. Seasonal decorating should spark your house’s physical needs As you change your seasonal home décor [] each season, this should remind you another three months have passed and that it may be time to address a few of your house’s maintenance needs.

Beginning your summer home decoration should remind you that it is time to have window treatments completed on your windows, as they are an energy saving technique. With the bright, shiny colors and sunshine of your seasonal decorating, the real sun and hot temperatures is going to come meaning your air conditioner is going to start. Seal your windows and make sure you are locking not only the bright cheery summer in, but the cool air you are producing as well.