Superb Bathroom Design Ideas With Wood Shades 30
Superb Bathroom Design Ideas With Wood Shades 30

30+ Superb Bathroom Design Ideas With Wood Shades

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Bathroom window treatments are great for both bathroom decor and privacy. While the type of flooring, color of the walls, and accents, generally defines a bathroom, a bathroom window treatment can compliment any design. Choosing the right material, design and pattern or color can set off any bathroom.

There are many different types of bathroom curtains on the market today. One popular type of style for bathrooms is the sheer window curtain. Sheer material gives your bathroom a natural shine. They allow just enough light through to give your bathroom elegance with a touch of class. While sunlight can seep through, sheer material still provides privacy that is oh so important for bathroom purposes. By adding a fabric printed valance, it is the perfect combination of style and elegance.

An alternative to a curtain is a fabric window shade. Roman window shades have versatility while giving your favorite bathroom an artistic flair. You can accent the colors of your bathroom walls and counter tops by choosing a shade print that implements a complimentary color. You can allow sun to come in the room by having the shade drawn or block the sun by letting it down. These roman inspired shades will compliment any traditional bathroom.

Another shade option are woven window shades. These shades are great for bathrooms with a mosaic theme. Because woven materials are natural wood, they give bathrooms an earthy feeling create a welcoming atmosphere. These shades will also provide privacy by only allowing a limited amount of light into the bathroom when they are down. Adding these shades to any bathroom will give it a finished look.

For an elegant bathroom with a dramatic touch, Romantic window treatments could be a great addition. Long, flowing window draperies give a room a light airy feel, and set the stage for romance. Just like a long flowing gown, the curtains can lightly brush the floor to set the mood for romance and style.

Another practical choice that can add style is double silk shades. This sensible choice exudes softness and peace with the accent curtains and privacy with the pull down shade. Combining both the curtain and shade will allow for increased privacy without losing style.

No matter which type of bathroom window curtains or treatments are right for your bathroom; they all have one thing in common: adding privacy with style. These curtains can range in price, from very cheap to very expensive, all while adding the ambiance you desire in your favorite room in the house.