Modern White Living Room Design Ideas That Looks Amazing 44
Modern White Living Room Design Ideas That Looks Amazing 44

40+ Modern White Living Room Design Ideas That Looks Amazing

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Having a contemporary living room can be a difficult type of design to achieve perfectly. Many get it wrong by adding too much color or too much clutter. The easiest way to have the contemporary living room look is by having a white-wash. Having a white sofa, white walls, and white furnishings, creates a bright, clinical feel and whether your friends love it or hate it, they will be blown away by it although it is important to get the accents just right to not be too over the top. Here are some steps to creating your own little snow white oasis:

• If you choose brilliant white for the walls, then everything needs to match that. Sometimes it can be difficult to find furniture in the same illuminating color. A softer white, maybe even a light cream might be a better choice of color, but will still have the contemporary living room feel.

• There are home appliances now which come in white. TVs, DVD players, hi-fi’s and lamps are easy to find. Break the mold of monotony by creating a clinical finish to all of your fixtures and furnishings in your room.

• Contemporary living room design is achieved by finding the correct drapes, rugs and cushions could have a slight change in color to break up the whiteness of your contemporary living room. This would give a softer feel and atmosphere as well as being less harsh on the eyes.

• The best way to filter the harshness of everything being white is to utilize lamps. Downward-facing lamps and mini-spotlights are great for illuminating your room, but cancel out any glare and nastiness. Having lamps adds a subtle light which helps give a nice mood to the room, without it being ‘too’ white.