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Best Black And White Furniture Ideas For Home 26

40+ Best Black And White Furniture Ideas For Home

Decorating with black and white can be beautiful, dramatic and sophisticated. Just about any room in your home can be accented with black or white, regardless of color scheme. If you want really dramatic, crisp and clean decor, then you can used both alone, rather than adding more colors to it.

Black can be used as a base or “anchor” for your other decorating colors, and provides a centerpiece- so to speak- for your room. Even rooms with pastels and bright jewel tones can benefit from a bit of black or white accessories being added to your decor.

For simple accenting, try using black lamps, fixtures, photo frames, or other accessories. Even a vase with simple black silk roses can really add a finishing touch to a room. The same goes for white- fixtures, lamps, accessories or even floral arrangements can really set off a room and add the finishing touch in a classy, yet simple way.

Black and white flooring is a beautiful way to add to your color scheme or set off your decorating. Flooring is what ties a room all together. Simple tiles in both colors, alternating for a “checker-board” effect is absolutely stunning when put with a black or white sofa, or even a simple sofa or chair in a bright color such as red, yellow, even green.

Alternatively, a floor painted either black or white, with stenciling done on it (in black or white, or even another color like red, green, yellow, blue or even purple) can add a touch of simplicity, yet sophistication to your decor- regardless of which room in the house it is.

Bathrooms are a wonderful place to use black or white fixtures with black or white accessories. Just make sure not to overwhelm the room with black, as this can cause the room to feel “closed in” and darken it. Simple black fixtures with simple black towels and white walls and flooring can make a bathroom really modern and simple, yet sophisticated and stunning.

Black and white is a great color scheme for a bedroom as well. Simple furniture, with sleek lines (whether metal, wood or even painted wood or lacquered furniture) can work well with black or white bed linens, throw pillows, photo frames, and even throw rugs.

A room done in all black or white can also be gorgeous, especially when paired with modern yet “cozy” styled furniture or accents. Suppose your guest room consists of a black metal framed futon, a sleek black dresser with plain silverstone handles. Add a red throw rug and throw pillows to the room, and then hang black drapes. This will be absolutely stunning, and the red will add a hint of warmness to the room, and make it inviting for any guest!

When decorating with black and white, you really have a lot of options, and it’s very forgiving if you slightly “mess-up.” Find prints to go with simple black or white pieces that contain large amounts of black or white, and use bright colors for accents. Or, you can simply do nothing but black and/or white. The choice is yours! Use your imagination!

Unique Diy Bookshelf Design Ideas 46

48 Unique Diy Bookshelf Design Ideas

Metal bookmark: – Attach a vertical strip of metal to the wall where you can simply read the book and flip it upside down on the bookmark where you stopped reading so that it will be easy to continue later on. You can paint these metal strips in beautiful colours and print designs on them to make it look interesting and beautiful.

Hallowed TV bookcase: Got a old vintage television set at home? You can now turn that into a hallowed bookshelf where it will be compact to store your recent or all time favourite collection in it. This will also give a new look to the old boring TV.

Ladder bookshelf:

Attach the ladder horizontally to the wall and you can simply arrange the books to the rungs of the ladder and make it look like a bookshelf that will look beautiful. This lovely décor idea is very simple to implement as all you need is just an old wooden ladder and your awesome collection of books and magazines.

There is another ladder bookshelf idea where you can simply make use of step ladders that is made to stand parallel to each other and place wooden planks well balanced between the two and you can attract arranging the books on the planks where it will look like a mini library that is very easy to implement and will look unique and interesting too.

Leather harness bookshelf:

Just simply hang two leather belts of different sizes to the metal clamp and you can balance the book to the leather rings and they will stand safe and well balanced. This will be suitable for placing very few books where you can use it for day-to-day reading purpose.

Roped shelves:

This is also one of the simple ideas where you can simply pierce holes into the wooden planks and connect them with ropes with knots between them and place books on the shelves and they will form a beautiful wooden hanging bookshelf.

Wooden pallet bookshelf:

Attach wooden pallets to the walls and make these rustic wooden things turn into something creative and useful. You can make use of them to place books or photo frames or combination of both and it will look good, also it is one of the cost-effective ways to place the books.

Among various other bookshelf ideas these are some of the useful ways by which you can easily create an attractive DIY bookshelf at home.


Amazing Home Furniture Ideas With Incredible Resin Wood Table 45

47 Amazing Home Furniture Ideas With Incredible Resin Wood Table

Choosing eco-friendly furniture is a big deal nowadays. Many homeowners are well-aware of the impact of the kind of furniture material that they have on the environment. Resin, as we all know, is made from recycled plastic. Every year there are millions of tons of plastic by-products produced. With so many plastic items manufactured and crafted, there is bound to be a huge, huge pile of plastic items and materials that will be put to waste. These, in turn, are used as raw materials to produce more usable items such as the resin patio furniture.

Resin patio furniture is a great choice for outdoor furniture use. Unlike conventional plastic materials, they are neither flimsy nor do they look very cheap. In fact, they are unexpectedly tougher and being made together with aluminum or metal frames, their durability is highly enhanced.

When it comes to design, they will never come last. You’ll find yourself having a hard time deciding once you’ll be facing over a hundred or more of these fantastic resin furniture choices. Because of the flexibility of its raw plastic material, it is possible to mold it into any beautiful outdoor furniture table or chair design.

The color choices offer by far the most incredible selections. When we think of plastic, the first thing that comes into mind is the color white. But this is not the case with resin furniture. The tables and chairs are made to look like an exact replica of wood furniture. If you’ve always dreamed of teak, mahogany or cedar furniture, you can have that look down to the color and grain with resin furniture.

Resin patio furniture is an eco-smart choice. You helped the environment by saving a few trees from being cut and felled. You have also contributed greatly to minimizing plastic waste in the environment by utilizing and purchasing table and chair items made from recycled materials.


Marvelous Dining Chairs Ideas 35

40 Marvelous Dining Chairs Ideas

After buying the best-suited dining table, you are just half way done to complete a phenomenal centerpiece of your dining room furniture. No, of course, the dining table is nothing more than an extra-large coffee table, until it is paired with some better complimenting dining chairs. You may also go on to choose a readymade dining table set, which includes the dining table and dining chairs well complementing each other.

But this might happen that, just a glance of a dining table that seems to meet your requirements, grab your attention and you buy it trusting your instincts. Then, to complete the look, you need to find the dining chairs that add to the look and complement your dining table so well that no guest leaves your place without appreciating about it.

Buying dining chairs must be done cautiously, because we often tend to choose the first set of the chair that we find to be looking compatible to our dining table, giving secondary consideration to the relevant details like quality, size, style, etc. Even if you have got a very simple looking dining table, and appropriately styled dining chairs can boost the look. Firstly, knowledge about the basic types of chairs available in the market is essential. So, check the following:

    1. Upholstered Chairs: These chairs tend to give a very supportive and comfortable seating. The upholstery in the chairs tends to capture the dirt and stains, thereby making it a little difficult to clean and maintain them. Otherwise, the comfort and the elegance that upholstered chair renders remains unmatched. You can also not pair them with a simple small dining table. Instead, a heavy traditional looking table with the cabriolet feet can look great!


    1. Non-upholstered chairs: These type of chairs provide a very clean look and demand for near to little maintenance. An All-wood chair can impart a very glamorous touch to your dining room, along with looking timelessly beautiful. Although they are comfortable too, not more than the upholstered chairs.


    1. Chair with the armrest: These chairs have an extra surface on the either side of the chair, upraised to provide a stand for your arms to rest. These may be upholstered or not- upholstered.


  1. Chair without the armrest: These are also known as side chairs, and they do not support your arm. This is the right choice for the people who like no obstruction while sitting or the ones who find it restrictive and difficult to fit comfortably on the chairs with the armrest.

Having the knowledge about the types available, you must now decide on to which one would suit your style. Proceeding to the style section, you will have to choose one among the following pre-defined styles:

    1. Traditional: The traditional dining chairs have ornate detailing and beautifully curved legs and can effortlessly impart a royal look to your dining room. These may or may not be upholstered.


    1. Contemporary: These style of dining chairs could have any imaginative shape and structure, and provide a good seating space. They can be of wood, plastic or metal but they might not be as comfortable as much as the other ones. Before choosing the contemporary style, do consider the height and style;e of the dining table in the first place.


    1. Ladder-back: Horizontal wooden slots placed equidistant along the back of the chair feature this style of dining chairs. The look simple, yet stylish and tend to give the utmost comfort. This style, being the most versatile one, can fit with any the dining table easily.


  1. Windsor: This dining chair gives a country feel with the unique looking spindle legs and a big round back. These look the best when metal is the material.

Those were some general bifurcation about the style and types of the dining chairs that can help you make a better choice.


Unique Storage Bench With Hidden Storage Ideas 36

47 Unique Storage Bench With Hidden Storage Ideas

Shoes. Who doesn’t love them? Even though we have only two feet and can only wear one pair of shoes at a time, we have an endless number of different occasions that require different shoes, from running shoes and golf shoes to sandals for the beach, boots for winter and heels in every color and height imaginable – just because.

But where do you store all these shoes? As you know, shoes don’t like to be stored next to each other, as the various design details on a fairly inexpensive shoe can end up destroying a brand new pair of Italian leather pumps you just picked up at Zappos.

Thankfully, manufacturers have created innovative design solutions for you in the form of the shoe storage bench. These little beauties solve almost all your shoe storage problems, letting each pair of shoes have its own space.

Best of all, a shoe storage bench can fit in just about every unused and underutilized corner in your home, from the foot of your bed in the master to the entryway. Every shoe in its place and a place for every shoe.

So, what do you look for in a shoe storage bench? Well, the first thing is the number of cubbies the bench has. You want to purchase benches with as many cubbies as will fit in the space you have in mind, knowing that shoes have a way of multiplying over time.

There are two basic types of benches. First, there are those that have cubbies. Think of them as walled off storage lockers laid out in a grid. The second is a bench where the front opens out, revealing either cubbies or wire loops that slip right into the shoe, letting them hang free.

Neither version is preferable over the other. It really depends on your personal preferences and the amount of space you have available.

Space. That’s always a problem in homes. Fortunately, many of the shoe storage bench models out there can fit in nearly every room and even in hallways. They will look right at home in a large walk in closet, in a guest room by the window, in an entryway or wet room, even the living room.

If you go with a shoe storage bench in the living room, you probably want to get a model that has a door that opens outward. When the door is closed, your shoe storage area looks just like your average bench and visitors can use it for additional seating when they stop by. No one can even tell that you have your favorite pumps hidden inside.

When everyone leaves, you can pop open the door, sit down on the bench and decide which pair of fabulous open toed sandals you’re going to wear to dinner that night. Close the door up and voila! – it’s a bench again.

Perhaps that explains the popularity of the shoe storage bench these days. The price of shoes has dropped in recent years, well, at least for the masses as shoe discounters have flooded the market with shoes that are only meant to last a season or two. This has created a real storage conundrum for fashion frenzied home dwellers who have so many shoes they no longer what to do.

The good news is, there’s an answer. Shoe benches in every corner of your house, ready, willing and able to make all your fashion dreams come true while keeping your home looking orderly. They are attractively priced, available in an endless array of sizes and styles, and they keep your shoes looking spit-spot day in and day out, free of scuffs, grime, dust and dirt.


Brilliant Wooden Pallet Furniture Ideas 38

46 Brilliant Wooden Pallet Furniture Ideas

To many people, wood is the quintessential building material for furniture, both indoor and out. There’s a wooden furniture form to suit every budget and décor — from rustic twig loveseats to classis cedar Adirondack chairs to sophisticated teak tables and benches.

In fact, the varieties of wood are dizzying. Which should you choose? How should you care for it? And is wood an environmentally-friendly choice for outdoor furniture?

Types of Wood

First, understand that hardwood is not necessarily hard and softwood is not always soft. The terms refer simply to the type of tree from which the wood is obtained: hardwood from broad-leafed trees, and softwood from needle-bearing trees.

All wood outdoor furniture may be cleaned with warm water and mild detergent.

Here are the most common types of wood used in the construction of outdoor furniture.

  • Redwood is a durable hardwood, grown on the west coast of North America (the Coast redwood) and in China (the Dawn redwood.) Redwood is straight-grained with a reddish color, and has a high resistance to termites and rot. Treated properly, it can last more than 25 years.

The redwood harvested in North American is cut mainly from private lands that are zoned for timber use. Over 95% of these areas are previously harvested — that is, they are not virgin, old-growth forests. The Coast redwood can grow to 130 feet in just 30 years.

  • Cedar is a North American softwood, light in color and naturally splinter free. It resists insects, mold, mildew and decay, and it weathers well. With proper care, it can last 25 years. Since cedar is a quick grower, it’s a resource that renews relatively rapidly.
  • Teak is perhaps the most coveted of outdoor furniture woods and with good reason. It’s a honey brown hardwood that is highly resistant to rot and decay and will last 50 years or longer, even if left outdoors year-round. Teak is now harvested primarily from plantations in Southeast Asia. Dwindling stocks and high consumer demand have combined to make the price of teak soar.

The high price of teak has made other tropical hardwoods, such as roble, shorea, jarrah and eucalyptus popular. All of these woods are dense, durable, and stand up well to weather.

  • Jarrah, which is reddish or pinkish, is harvested in Australia from government-managed forests to ensure reforestation.
  • Shorea, grown in Indonesia and Malaysia, is stronger and heavier than teak but because of the large quantity available, is usually priced lower. Both jarrah wood and shorea will last up for up to 50 years.
  • Roble is a golden, relatively lightweight hardwood harvested mainly from dry tropical forests in South America. It will last up to 25 years.
  • Tropical eucalyptus is a native of Australia and is prized for its resistance to rot and handsome look. It also will last decades.

Tropical hardwoods will weather to a silvery finish over time, unless treated twice a year with teak or other furniture oil.

  • Pine is an affordable softwood that is harvested in many varieties from various parts of the world, but especially from American forests. All are yellow color with brown knots and are excellent for staining. Pressure-treated pine will last for 20 years but untreated, pine has low rot-resistance. It should be painted, stained or sealed and stored indoors during the winter.
  • Willow, cypress, alder and other trees with pliable branches are used for bent-twig furniture. Willow is especially renewable as when it is cut, two or more shoots will grow out of the stump of the cut piece. Harvested properly, willow will continue to grow cutting after cutting.

If you use twig furniture outdoors, spray or brush on a good quality clear exterior varnish and use the furniture only in a protected area.

Is It Environmentally Friendly?

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certifies lumber forests around the world, although only a small percentage of the lumber produced globally is FSC certified. If you are extremely concerned about the future of the world’s wood supply, look for an FSC label on the underside of the furniture piece or on the hanging tag.

If you are not so stringent in your views, you may wish to consider furniture made from wood harvested from responsibly government-managed forests or from plantations, which grow trees much like farms grow other crops. In addition, according to the Hardwood Manufacturers’ Association, harvesting levels of American hardwood are far below the levels of growth, so that twice as much hardwood grows each year as is harvested.


Stylish Gray Sofa Living Room Décor Ideas 41

45 Stylish Gray Sofa Living Room Décor Ideas

The living room is one of the most important rooms in the entire house. It not only welcomes guests and visitors, it also serves as the focal point and acts as a showcase for the entire house. In simple terms, the living room is the focal point of a home.

Contemporary living room furniture is generally preferred by people who enjoy modern styles of living. Contemporary furniture can be chosen to fit any house, and offers a wide variety of choices that are almost guaranteed to suit any taste, comfort and style. Moreover, it adds a contemporary flair to the living room.

Typical characteristics of contemporary living room furniture include modular sofas, abstract lighting sources, pedestal tables, sleek sideboards, etc. Some of the hallmarks of contemporary living room designs include monochromatic color schemes that are deliberately understated, modular elements that are integrated so as to have multiple uses and curvilinear shapes.

C0ntemporary living room furniture often uses deliberate monochromes such as gray and black. However, to add a dash of color and luster, certain contemporary living room furniture designs make use of colorful cushions or leather covered stools of various shapes, like cubes. Other accessories commonly used to fill up bare spots include accent chairs, end tables and wicker coffee tables.

No living room is considered complete without the presence on an entertainment center. TV stands, speaker cubicles and racks to store CDs or DVDs come in a variety of models, some that incorporate futuristic designs and lighting styles to fit the décor of any living room. They come in a variety of finishes with clear or frosted glass doors. Most of these systems use innovative wire management systems to mask the jumble of wires that normally accompany any home entertainment system.

All said and done, contemporary living room furniture may be just what is needed to add that touch of elegance and sophistication to any living room. The décor and styling can be chosen to suit any budget.


Beautiful Vintage Painted Mid Century Furniture Ideas 40

42 Beautiful Vintage Painted Mid Century Furniture Ideas

Indeed! The joy of ageing is the moment in your life when you learn that the so called recent history for you may turn to be the ancient history for others.

Everything you get for your home – rugs, furniture, lighting, painting, artwork… can be affixed with labels like “antique” or “vintage”.

Basically, what is labeled vintage? What is the difference between vintage and antique furniture?

A piece of furniture that is aged between 30 to 100 years is vintage. A furniture that exceeds 100 years is classified as antique furniture.

2. Mid century Vintage furniture

The modern style mid century vintage furniture has been enjoying the moments since the 21st century. They would be correctly labelled by both vintage and retro. Perhaps, to earn the title vintage, the furniture should also be an example of what defined a style of that period.

Buying vintage furniture is a good strategy to get good quality furniture that adds originality and cool appeal to your house at an affordable price. Thus, it is currently on trends and has several reasons to become popular.

Hopefully, you can all make it out to shop!

3. Cool appealing vintage furniture

It gives a unique look to your house as times go by, this furniture becomes less common. As a result, they give your decor individuality and style. Since the vintage covers several decades, you can opt pieces all from one vintage era to re-create that particular style or you can carefully pick a collection of vintage pieces from different eras that combine to give a harmonious look.

4. Unique look vintage furniture

It is Budget-Friendly.

It is usually less expensive than buying new furniture of the same style and quality. If you are looking for fine quality furniture that fits your pocket, then buying vintage pieces of furniture gives you the ability to pamper your fondness for the better things in life.

It Is Environment-Friendly

Living with vintage furniture has a very positive effect on the environment. It not only treasures the past for our lifestyle today but also saves landfill space. It has many other positive “green” effects on our planet.

The new furniture consists of powerful synthetic glues that bind the sawdust to release formaldehyde and other chemical vapors into the air we breathe in our homes and offices for years. The vintage furniture is refinished using water based finishes. This is much better for the environment as they are free from the carcinogens, making life healthier and environment-friendly.


Most Popular Wooden Chair Designs For Living Room 41

45 Most Popular Wooden Chair Designs For Living Room

We can never live without chairs. They are in all places where humans congregate. We have them in our homes, in the workplace, and in entertainment venues. We use them to relax our tired bodies and we even sleep in them when sleep is overwhelming and our eyes need to rest too.

Wooden chairs are charming because they offer us comfort and a soft spot where we can stop and sit for a while to recollect our minds. Everybody has a favorite chair and it’s all good if it’s a wooden one. As a woodworker, wouldn’t you have a favorite chair design that you would like to share with others?

Some woodworkers share their wooden chair plans and give them out for free. You can find them in the internet together with other free woodworking plans. There are wooden chair plans for sale and these are excellent ones but those that are free could be good too. You just have to be patient in searching for them.

There are all kinds of wooden chair plans available in the internet and there would be one that is perfect for the amount of experience you have and your skill level. There are plans that call for exotic wood types and building them requires you to have more experience and advanced skill level to create.

There are wooden chair plans for novices who are just starting to explore the exciting world of woodworking and there are those for intermediate level woodworkers who have some experience and can use power tools with confidence and accuracy. It’s up to you what type of chair you want to build as there are many to choose from.

Are you up to the challenge of building a classic Kentucky chair? It should be easy enough for a woodworker with intermediate skills but may present some sort of a challenge for a novice one. You can try making a rocking chair which you can bring in your living room, in front of the fire and spend a winter evening just enjoying the warmth of the fire and the company of your family. You might want to bring your rocking chair out into the port in summer to enjoy a light early evening breeze.

Every home has dining chairs so why don’t you try your hands at building a set for your homes. They are not complicated projects and having wooden chair plans to guide you would make them easier to construct. Wooden garden swing seats are expensive but would be quite easy and cheap to build. A set of charming wooden garden chairs will be so inviting to you and your guest to spend some time in the garden to relax and perhaps watch a bird or two visit you there.

They are both easy and cheap to build if you use recycled wood. The wear and tear that the wood has naturally gone through will add more charm to your finished wooden garden chairs. If you have a swimming pool, would there be anything else that can add more enjoyment to taking a dip in the pool than wooden loungers? One or two of these by your pool side will let you and some friends or family spend a lovely Sunday lounging and just being lazy for a day.


Impressive Modern Lounge Chair Design Ideas 34

44 Impressive Modern Lounge Chair Design Ideas

Latest interior design trends push the move to make homes stylish, yet fun in a way. This is why modern lounge chairs are slowly becoming favorites as great additions to most living rooms, since they are usually quirky and fabulous.

However, some are still not sold to these chairs becoming accents for their homes. Especially since sofa sets do not usually come with a modern lounge piece, it might be something of an additional cost or even bother to get this kind of seat just to add to the design of the room.

Of course, this is a valid reason. With the current economic crisis, why should you buy additional chairs and even tables for your home, right? Well, the answer here is that these items are not only there for their aesthetic value. In fact, more and more people find it a convenience to have an extra surface that can make it easier to prepare in the mornings.

Aside from that, these seats also help a lot in accentuating the look of the room. This, in turn, can help relieve some stress, as studies show that going home to a pleasing environment can easily help make you feel fulfilled, satisfied, and even happy, despite your worries.

For most people, these reasons are already enough to get them sold on the idea of accentuating their homes. However, others find more positive things in getting a modern lounge chair because they also find it as an excellent opportunity to practice and enhance their interior designing knowledge. And as not every piece of furniture can help you do that, it can be a great break for anyone aspiring to exercise their creativity occasionally.

If you’re thinking of getting one of this furnishings, though, make sure that you have a concrete plan for it. As modern lounge chairs may not fit every house’s theme and feel, you will need to strategize how you can get the most out of this beautiful product, so you can have a better chance of enjoying it. Also, keep in mind that in buying something like this, it’s not all about the look, so check its quality and comfort as well.