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40 Latest Winter Decoration Ideas

The winter months can be a challenge for even experts at decorating. The cold and crisp air marked by lack of growth tends to make us all want to stay indoors. By seeking winter decorating ideas and focusing on a refreshing new style for your front porch during this chilly season, it will help lift your spirits as well as create an inviting entryway to your home.

Use year round furniture on your front porch that can withstand the elements. Seat cushions made of materials such as vinyl or plastic are perfect choices for a cooler climate and they are easier to clean. Colors such as blue, sapphire, silver, gray or red work well for making a winter porch stand out.

Winter berries and branches of evergreen are lovely ways to add natural color to your porch. Empty vases, metal buckets or other durable containers can be filled with evergreen and berries mingled with pine cones. Fill the container with water and your creation will last a good while. Add a burlap bow to your finished piece and you have created a simple yet beautiful scene on your porch.

Rustic birdhouse designs sprinkled with fake snow and window panes that have been salvaged and repainted are easy ways to add some country delight to your front porch style. Simply group them together in an area of your porch that you want to become the focal point. Add a chair with a thick winter style throw to complete the unique look.

Door wreaths go a long way in creating a welcoming scene even during the cold months. The best materials that you can use for your winter door wreath are grapevine, evergreen or winterberry. Pinecone wreaths are great choices too. Artificial wreaths featuring snowmen, birds, vintage style bells or neutral colored deco mesh such as tan or brown make beautiful wreaths.

Another simple way to create a cute focal point on your front porch is by staging a table decoration. Set up a small outdoor table on your porch and adorn it with several baskets filled with silver and blue Christmas balls, sprigs of holly and evergreen, and mix some icicle ornaments into the theme. Add some small grapevine wreaths to give it a little rustic charm.

There are so many creative ways to make your front porch demand attention during the winter months. By using your imagination and researching ideas, you are sure to come up with the right porch idea for you.


48 Hottest Country Winter Decoration Ideas

Decorating your home in a country look is not only appealing to you but it is to your guests as well. Country decor is simple and useful; another words, there is a place for everything. You don’t need to always be neat and tidy to achieve the country home look. Its how you decorate and what you use to achieve the look to have the country home decor.

You can choose to have one room with country decor or you can move the look on into other rooms of the house. If you want to achieve a country look in just one room, you can do this by simply decorating the one room and not allowing it to run out into the halls or into another room.

Colors of Country
The country is full of colors. When you add country color to your room then you want to achieve a clean look and feel. The colors should be as bright as they are outdoors. Use colors like yellow, green, pink, and brown. White is always a good choice too. Use a solid color on the walls and accent them with stencil art. You can choose flowers or simple country designs. In the kitchen, you want to use fruits and vegetables. You can also buy wallpaper to put up.

Natural wood is very important in a country theme. You want to bring out the natural wood through your trim or accessories. Flooring is another way to get the natural wood look. Today you can purchase laminated flooring that looks just like real hardwood flooring. If you already have hardwood flooring in your room then sand it and stain it or you can paint it white.

Complete the hardwood flooring look with accent rugs like braided rugs or hooked rugs. Some rugs are even quilted to give it an authentic look. Remember, the colors should be simple and bright like what you would see in nature.

It’s important to accent the decor to achieve the country look. You can do that by using the color of nature. As the seasons change so should the colors of country. Bring out the beautiful colors of fall by accenting with gold and brown tones. For winter, when everything is white and bare outside, your decor should be warm and cozy inside. Choose bright colors to balance the look of winter. For Spring, everything is in full bloom in the country; flowers, trees, plants, and animals. Choose the color that you like the best and accent it. Yellow daffodils are beautiful, pink dogwood, lilac bushes are in bloom, and the beautiful red-breasted robin displays her colors proudly as she gathers worms for her newly hatched babies. The sky is bright blue and the sunsets are a beautiful color of yellow and gold.

It’s hard to decide on just a few colors of country to put in your home but you need to make sure that you don’t place too much color in your decor or it will not look clean.


Fabulous Halloween Decorating Ideas 38

40 Fabulous Halloween Decorating Ideas

Halloween is one festival where the fun in executing the themes is as much as enjoying the actual festival itself. You can use your imagination to come up with innumerable and innovative Halloween decoration ideas that end up shocking and pleasing your guests at the same time.

You should first measure your home and your yard so as to calculate the number of Halloween props and other accessories that can be fitted within them. Next, you can set up a budget so that you can implement all your decoration ideas without straining your finances.

You need not buy all your decorations since you can easily make quite a few all by yourself or with the help of your family and your children too. The key is to go in for a complete Halloween theme that includes costumes, props, foods, drinks, and sweets so as to create an unforgettable Halloween experience.

As per tradition, you should start out your decorations by making or purchasing several Jack O’Lanterns that can be kept in your yard or even in your home. You can easily make fake pumpkins right at home even by using discarded one gallon milk containers or simply buying hollow plastic pumpkins from stores.

Instead of using candles in these lanterns and risking a fire or serious burns, you can opt for flickering bulbs or LEDs that work on small batteries that can be placed inside the pumpkin itself.

Once you have tackled tradition, you can now let your mind go wild as you create various other items of gory decoration including tombstones, skeletons, and graveyards. You can again opt for plastic ones available in the market or use foam, glue, and paint to create your own horrific creations.

You can also cover your skeletons in tissue paper and paint them red, black, or dark green to put forth an image of a rotting corpse. Skulls, hands, and feet can also be placed in partly open coffins or graves to shock your guests.

Your Halloween decoration ideas should also include huge fake spiders and spider-webs made out of cloth and rubber. You can also buy rubber bats to hang them from ceilings or lower them suddenly on unsuspecting visitors.

If you have decent sewing skills then you can easily make fake spiders, face masks, various costumes, and ghost cloaks out of cloth, and save a little money in the process. You can also involve your children while making these creations although sharp tools should be kept away from them even as you supervise them at all times.

You can also create authentic-looking gloomy passageways by lining a portion of your room with dark wallpaper or black plastic sheets. You can also use black bulbs to complete the theme. A fog machine can be used along with popping skeletons to literally scare your guests out of their skin.

You can either visit stores or even hop over to the internet to browse through a wide range of Halloween decoration ideas that can by bought or made right at home. You should remember to be innovative as well as follow all safety standards so that all your decorations are created without any accident or injury.

Halloween calls for gruesome decorations that can frighten as well as impress any guest at the same time. There are several traditional as well as innovative Halloween decoration ideas that can be pursued to end up with truly grisly decorations that will surely be remembered by all your guests until next Halloween.


Unique Home Decor That Blends Tradition And Trends Ideas 44

46 Unique Home Decor That Blends Tradition And Trends Ideas

One of the great benefits of my profession is that I get to visit all of my clients homes. Each client is as different as their home decor, so I get to see, first hand, what works and what doesn’t. Trendy, transitional or just tired and tattered, my clients share their flooring needs with me and we choose the type, style and color that will best suit their decor needs. As I traverse from one home to another, I have noted a phenomenon of science fiction proportions. Upon entry into each home, I seem to be time-warped to another decade.

Another plane in the time-space continuum. I enter one home to find that I should have worn my platform shoes, because I am suddenly stuck in the seventies and it’s time to boogie. Upon entry to another home and I feel I need a pair of six-shooters strapped to my hips. Visit another home and I feel as though I should have grown a mullet to fit in with this eighties household. Another, and it’s back to the future. Of course, this is normal because most people who have called for me want to update their home decor.

My experience tells me that most homeowners update their decor to current trends, and then get stuck there for ten to twenty years or more. Then there are those homes that always seem to look stylish and exquisite no matter what the current trend is. These are homes that have people who follow basic and timeless home decor techniques that never go out of style. Trendy is fun for a few years, but timeless decor can last a lifetime. Let us see if we can pin down some of those techniques that will make a lasting impression in interior design and decor.

The first element I will discuss is paint color choices. As an example; I have noticed that many people are painting all the walls in a room or rooms a red color. There’s nothing wrong with red, but the colors most people are choosing are trendy colors of red. These colors will most likely be unfashionable in a few short years. I understand the look they are trying to achieve, but the color choice is simply not one that will stand the test of time. Bright or pastel colors are almost always a trend. Do you remember the salmon pink from the sixties and seventies Or how about the peach and mint green colors of the eighties southwestern rage.

If you want to be trendy with red, I suggest using the same color group, but let’s tone that down to a color that is somewhere around a muted hue of cinnamon or burgundy color. Now we have a color that doesn’t jump out at you as you enter the room because it is a more subtle shade that gives warmth and presence to the walls without overwhelming the entire room. Color choice is a very personal element, but if you want to use bright yellow in your home decor, save it for accent items that you can change out easily when you tire of them or when they are no longer in style (nobody wants to enter a room where they feel like they have just penetrated the center of the sun). Use tones or hues of color that accomplish your goal without going “over the top”. If you love the color purple, you can use it. Just use a very subtle hue that blends into the background.

The next element would be window coverings. We have already discussed color so I won’t go into it here. What we do need to consider is how popular your window treatment is now, and how it will look in three to five years. The generation preceding the present thought that mini-blinds were the best window treatment. Now we see that they have mostly fallen out of favor, with the exception of using them as if they were shades set behind another type of window covering such as draperies, or with valances and trimmed with other fabric coverings.

Most roman style shades will stand the test of time. I see a lot of plantation shutters being used, and they are much better for long-term use (depending on the look you are shooting for in your decor). Fabrics (or draperies) are another home decor element that can be trendy or timeless, depending on the textures and patterns in fabric coverings. If you stick with what has always worked throughout the decades, you can be trendy and still expect long term usage. Stick with subtle fabric patterns.

The use of a trendy patterns like brightly colored circles (polka-dots) may look good this year, but what about next year. You can use any pattern your heart desires as long as it is subdued and does not scream out “look at me”! Also, watch out for trendy fabrics such as those with a metallic sheen because texture is also a very important factor in home decor. For Example: Velvet is timeless, as is lace.

I suppose we should say a word or two on Texture. I am happy to see many people using stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops in their kitchens. These are textures that have a lasting effect on home decor. Although I’m afraid that most people don’t realize the extra upkeep on granite or any real stone. These materials must be sealed well and periodically re-sealed to protect them. Real stone and some through body porcelain tiles are porous and require a sealer to protect them from spills that could leach into these textures. Glass is also a timeless texture for home decor. Brass and chrome seem to fade in and out of favor, but overall is generally safe. Watch out for exotic textures that are more on the trendy side.

As for flooring, the biggest mistakes people make are in the area of color and pattern. If people walk into your home and notice your flooring before they pay attention to your decor, you have probably made a bad color choice. You don’t have to choose safe earth tones for flooring, but you do need to make certain that your color selection blends into the background and not the forefront of your interior design. There are also different textures in flooring. Choose a texture that will last. During the time period when southwestern decor was all the rage, many people chose patterned Berber carpet for their floors.

When trends changed, many people were having a hard time decorating around a floor that they no longer cared for because it was not stylish. Plush carpets are always safer for home decor and do not tend to go in and out of style. Hard-surface floorings should always have a natural look. Because hard-surface lasts a long time and is a greater investment, be careful about color and composition. You may have to live with a bad floor choice for many years. One terrific tool for flooring is the Area Rug.

They are extremely versatile and if you stay to classic patterns, they will serve you for a long time. I always suggest the use of wool area rugs for their durability, stain resistance, and most oriental or middle eastern patterns always make a good appearance, without dependence on current styles and trends. Area rugs can be used to define space and for color accent or background color utilizing larger rugs. They are a good, timeless tool for home decor.

I am not saying that you can’t be trendy or up to date with your interior design. I am not saying you have to get stuck with traditional design. Simply use more subtle colors, textures and patterns to establish the background for your decor, and use accent pieces and furnishings that can be easily and economically swapped out when they are no longer “the rage”. If you stick with techniques that have always worked in the past, you preserve your home decor for the future. It can be fun For Me to zip around in time and space, but it’s no fun for you as a homeowner or tenant, if your decor is stuck in the past. Don’t let your home decor get trapped in a time warp.


Easy Fall Vignette For Holiday Decor To Happy Fall Ideas 40

41 Easy Fall Vignette For Holiday Decor To Happy Fall Ideas

After decorating my front yard this past weekend as a scary cemetery complete with ghosts and ghouls for Halloween, it made me wonder what’s best for home sellers to do during the holidays, decorate or not?

Sometimes it’s hard enough to get sellers to agree to remove certain objects or tone down accessories in their home or front lawn. So, when it comes time to decorate for Halloween, display pilgrims and turkeys, set-up the menorah or Christmas lights and trees, what are stagers or even Realtors to do to make sure the home still appeals to buyers?

It’s hard to imagine buyers receiving a good vibe on a home if they’re walking up to the door surrounded by a makeshift cemetery. Plus, they may get distracted with the holiday décor and overlook the curb appeal. While Halloween and Thanksgiving are celebrated by most, Hanukkah and Christmas are religious holidays that buyers could discriminate against. So, it’s important for sellers to target buyers based on your neighborhood. If your neighborhood is festive during Christmas then a buyer would expect Christmas decorations at your home, on the other hand, if you live in a “politically correct” neighborhood with a mix of religious beliefs use more generic decorations to promote Season’s Greetings rather than your specific holiday.

While it’s easier to take your home off the market during this time of year, many sellers can’t afford to lose those months. Keeping your home on the market can be beneficial there is usually less inventory and those looking to buy are serious, but it may be hard to schedule appointments and many agents take time off then. If you do plan to keep that for sale sign up make sure you keep your decorations to a minimum.

Exterior Decorating

Keep the tinsel, garland and most of those blow-up characters in storage. The entrance should be simple. Use more natural elements: For fall add pumpkins, stacks of hay, cornstalks and don’t forget to plant some mums (you can also prepare the home for spring now by planting daffodils and tulips).

For winter group poinsettias and use evergreens to create floral arrangements. Door wreaths welcome all to your home and set the stage for celebrating. Use holiday colors that blend in with and dress up your home’s exterior colors. Attach tree branches from your garden, gourds or flowers, and ribbons. Use a few strands of white lights for elegance or keep to a color scheme, forget about the multi-color strands this year. Most importantly, refrain from objects attributable to specific religions.

Scene Stealers Inside

During staging it’s important to make focal points stand out so don’t block or cover up fireplaces, stairs, and stained-glass windows those features that sell. Rooms filled with decorations can feel smaller and stops the buyer’s eyes from visualizing themselves in the space. Choose specific areas to stage with festive themes. You want buyers to see themselves celebrating their holidays in your house.

To do this you want to create a simple, clean, cozy space with your decorations. Set your formal dining room for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. Bring in a Christmas tree making sure it’s not oversized. Again use natural elements to bring in texture and interest like an evergreen garland or pine cone centerpiece. Color is also important to keep in mind keep within a color scheme. Red is not only the color of Christmas, but it’s an emotionally appealing color that you are able to use in the space.

Cheap Diy Fall Wreaths Ideas To Beautify Your Home Décor 41

42 Cheap Diy Fall Wreaths Ideas To Beautify Your Home Décor

Fall decorating ideas are some of the easiest and least expensive ideas to come up with. Take a hike in your neighborhood, park or woods and you’ll find all the inspiration you need to get started making decorations.

Nature is filled with all your crafting needs. Acorns, pine cones, leaves, Mums, plumes, just to name a few. Everything you need is outside just waiting for your imagination to run wild.

We start in September with Mums and fall wreaths. Add pumpkins and a few ghost and goblins in October for Halloween and then continue in November for Thanksgiving. Fall is the longest decorating season of the year, so we definitely get enough use from all the fall decorations we worked so hard crafting.

Make it simple by placing colorful leaves in vases. Display acorns in canning jars, pine cones in baskets. Use glass containers such as hurricane lamps and fill them with colorful leaves and pine cones.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to decorate you dining room table. Cut craft paper to the size of your dining room table and use as a table runner. Add a little decoration to the table runner by painting a vine of leaves on each side.

For a table center piece make glass candle holders that look like hand blown glass. Stack small glass dessert dishes, candle holders, vases, and footed dessert cups and secure them with Tacky Glue for easy removal latter. Place acorns or small pine cones on the dessert dishes for added decorations. Clear empty glass bottles, such as wine bottles also make great candle holders. Add fall colored pillar candles to complete your centerpiece.

Go ahead and buy gourds to add to your fall decorations. Don’t throw them away at the end of the fall season. Put them in a plastic bag and hang them in the garage and forget about them until the summer. Give them about nine months to mold and dry out. Wash the mold away, paint them and you will have dried gourds to add to your fall decorations.

Straw wreaths are inexpensive and easy to decorate. Use material such as burlap or corn husks. Cut square pieces of material or corn husks. Push or weave into the straw wreath using a tool such as a screw driver. You want the material or corn husks to stand up like a flower not wrapped around the wreath.

It’s also a great time to start crafting with recyclables. Milk cartons with faces make great ghost that light up the night using Christmas tree lights inside them. Decorate different size empty jars for candy corn and Halloween cookies. Drill holes in cans of assorted sizes and use wire to make hanging lanterns. Old clothes and sheets can make all your Halloween monsters and scarecrows.

These fall decorating ideas are just a sampling of all the fun you can have decorating for the fall season. Start in September, add and change a few decorations as the season progresses and the next thing you know, it’s time to decorate for the Holiday season.


Indcredible Fall Emerald Home Décor Ideas 39

41 Indcredible Fall Emerald Home Décor Ideas

When it comes to kitchen designs, granite countertops are the first choice – thanks to their great aesthetic appeal and durability. This is not only the hardest stones that are used in furnishing homes, but also the most beautiful! One of the best qualities in granite is that there are varieties of colors to choose and here are some of the trendiest granite colors.

Black granite countertops give an elegance and classic picture. Select from solid, fine black or with interesting patterns with crystals, little stones or color striations. A complete black granite countertop gives an outstanding contrast to an all white minimalist kitchen, work with the contrast further more with stone slabs and indoor plants. Black granite is less common and they are known to be more expensive.

Beige and Brown are similar shades which are the most common countertop granite colors. They generally blend almost with any type kitchen which is because of their neutral tones either from classic themes to edgy or contemporary ones. They are a great choice if you want to redo your kitchen and they go well with any color. Select a countertop which has a light beige color to set off dark colored tiles or a warm choco brown to add warm look to your unadorned kitchen.

Thought less popular than brown color, green granites are fairly affordable and give natural color to any kitchen. It also comes in several shades like deep bottle green and pale sea green with wide patterns ranges. Fine plain green granites are usually more costly, and they come with beautiful patterns. Try bright, emerald green countertops to add life to your white walls or use deep green color with the wooden cabinets. Do you know that red granites aren’t exactly red? The color ranges from light salmon to deep maroon. It is one of the most costly countertop materials, but a great option if you want to add some spice to your kitchen!

Now blue color granites have become a favorite among homeowners and designers due to its versatility. It goes well with any home décor – wooden cabinets, indoor plants, stone sinks or glass dividers. Common shades include lavender blue, ice blue, royal blue and sapphire blue. Lavender blue is a pale shade great for brightening smaller kitchens, while sapphire blue gives a splash of color to a neutral-toned room. Ice blue countertops go great with wood cabinets and cream shades, yellow and beige.

Here are some tips, while selecting colored granites for countertops don’t fall for those small samples which you see in catalogs, they are often only a detail of the pattern and the overall appearance. Select from a gallery or catalog which shows finished products. Visiting shops will give you the actual sizes and textures of the granites. If you got specialized needs, try having your custom-made countertops. This way, you can select the shades, colors and pattern. Speak to an interior designer to help you select the right color for your kitchen’s theme and size.


Simply Farmhouse Laundry Room Design Ideas 46

49 Simply Farmhouse Laundry Room Design Ideas

You’ve decided you want to build a new home. Where do you start? First, we suggest you purchase your land, as this will surely impact the design of your home. Second, start putting your ideas together before visiting your architect.

Start with a vision of your new home. Is there a certain architectural style you prefer? Colonial? Cape? Saltbox? Farmhouse? From there, start with the basics in home design. How many bedrooms will you need? Do you want a Master Bedroom with or without a Master Bathroom suite? Will it be located on the first or second floor? If this is a vacation home which will become your retirement home, you may prefer to have the main rooms located on the first floor for easy access in later years. Do you want a large, eat-in kitchen or a separate dining room?

Are you planning to entertain small or large groups of people in your home? Is a cathedral Great Room on your list of priorities? Will you need a living room or media room separate from your Great Room? Do you have a specific hobby or interest that requires a separate room or area?

Compare all of these areas with your current home. Does the space you have now fit your needs? Write down the measurements of your space and then mark whether or not the space is adequate. Wherever possible, look for areas to reduce the living space. For instance, if you have a large laundry room now and you only really use half of the space, mark it as a potential space saver. Anytime you reduce the square footage of your new home you will save money in initial material costs, but in energy costs over the life of the home as well.

A home fulfills many purposes, but it can also satisfy numerous personal, aesthetic, and emotional requirements that can be difficult to describe in words. In starting to imagine your home design, it will help your architect if you identify and communicate how you want each space to feel. How?

You may find it a challenge to explain how you want a room to feel. Start by doing some simple exercises. Pick up a home magazine or imagine a home you are familiar with. Find a room you like. What do you like about it? The way the afternoon sunlight casts shadows within the room? The room’s intimacy or its abundant space?

Think about other spaces you enjoy – the park, the library, your friend’s home. How does the space make you feel? What creates that feeling? Be specific, and write down what you like about it. For instance, you might write, “I like how the room’s color tones change as the sun sets” or “I love how the outdoors is brought inside”. These small realizations will help the home design to evolve from a floor plan to a custom home that is an extension of your life philosophy.

Do this for each room in your home design. It is also helpful to describe what you don’t like about certain floor plans, rooms, or space. For instance, if you are not fond of having to walk through your closet to enter your Master Bedroom, document this. Perhaps you like the great room in a magazine photo but you don’t like the television being the center of attention. Or, you may like the space but find it lacks the intimacy you’re looking for in your home – a cozy corner where you can chat with another couple, a well-lit reading area, or a secluded spot for your cell phone chargers, mail and telephone. Keep all of your notes together. Cut out full pages or small photos that describe your likes and dislikes. As you go through this process, you can update your thoughts with text and photos. Eventually, you will come to a good understanding of what you want your custom home to look and feel like. Bring your notebook to your first meeting with your architect. Starting with your vision in hand will expedite the design process while guaranteeing success.


47 Cheap Western And Rustic Home Decoration Ideas

Home decorating can be very fun but yet challenging at times; whether it be with western decorations or rustic home decor. Western home decor is decor that will give your rooms a look and a feel of warmth, invitation, and loaded with charm. On the other hand, rustic decor is a type of decor that will reflect a love of the outdoors and it also makes the home welcoming and homey.

Both types of these decor are perfect to add elegance and beauty to your home or cottage the western style. It adds so much charm and beauty and can be very stunning for others to walk in to.

There are many items of western style decor nowadays. Just to name a few, you will find beautiful floor rugs, the antler chandaliers, tables and lamps, and many more western decorations and accessories. To add more of the western and rustic house decor, how about some throw pillows or even a plush bear or moose. The rustic looks offer homage and the feel of the woods and outdoor life. Decorative elements such as clocks, wall hangings, and art work can add a natural look and enhance the western and rustic style of decor to any home or cabin.

The western decor was introduced back in the eighteenth century by artistic cave dwellers who drew pictures on the walls of caves. Later in years, it was introduced to people as a luxury item and then became very popular throughout our world. Rustic decor was originally made from natural materials that were in greatest supply and often made by poor people as items of trade for food or cash. It was associated with the Great Depression.

Decorating is very beneficial. You can give your home a complete new look that is stylish, comfortable and attractive for any dream catchers eye. The major benefit of western home decor is that this style of home decoration is not very expensive and can be done rather quickly. It can suit the needs of any persons’ pocket whether big or small. Rustic furnishings are very nice and can give your home the natural look of wood. Rustic decor is beneficial as well because it helps to preserve old age ideas and natural slendor.

Both types of decor are very stunning and brings such warmth, relaxation and a feel for the outdoors. It also brings so much coziness to the atmosphere of your home. After a long hard days work, it is so nice to come home to your own personal space and relax with your feet up and ponder on the beautiful decor of your home.

As mentioned before, you can relax and feel right at home. If you are thinking about making a decorative change to your home, we have many decorative items that may interest you with the change.


Creative DIY Rustic Home Decor Ideas On A Budget 33

42 Creative DIY Rustic Home Decor Ideas on a Budget

A log cabin half way up a mountain can seem one of the most idyllic and relaxing places to be, so why not bring it right into your own home by decorating a room like one? That way you can go on holiday every day of the year, or recreate a magical experience from a past holiday.

The most common type of flooring in cabin style rooms is pine planking, although slate floors are becoming increasingly popular, as they also work well, especially when finished off with a hand-woven colourful rug, or maybe even a faux fur one. All of these options work equally well, and it really just comes down to what you want most.

The idea of sofas and chairs in a rustic style room is to create a pleasant, comfortable feel. Twig furniture can look great, although old pine pieces or those that have been whitewashed are more common. Mission style furniture also works excellently here, as do big plump love seats, both of which can be added to with huge soft cushions. If you fancy it, wrought iron furniture can also look good here, but takes a bit more effort to blend in.

In terms of colour, to blend in with the rustic idea you will obviously want to use natural looking colours, mainly greens, reds and blues, although gold highlights also look good. The obvious rustic colour, brown, is generally too dark, but lighter shades work well.

The amount of accessories that you can use in a rustic room are almost endless, as most things will go, but some more authentic things include things made from hard, dark woods, plaques, and candle holders. After you have fully accessorised, you will have your very own log cabin right inside your own home, for you to take some time out and enjoy, just relaxing.