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Most Popular Creative Office Décor Ideas 40

42 Most Popular Creative Office Décor Ideas

If you want to make your office look beautiful and at the same time, make proper utilization of the space, you must come up with new and innovative commercial office decorating ideas. Decorating the office is as important as decorating the home, since people spend a longer part of their time at the office. Before coming up with proper commercial office decorating ideas, one must remember the total area of the office space available.

The interior decoration of any office should be made in such a way that it becomes very attractive and at the same time, employees can work comfortably. You can consult any interior decorator for some excellent commercial office decorating ideas. If you want, you can paint your office walls with light attractive colors or you can cover them with beautiful wall papers.

To make things look more elegant you can place some ornamental antiques in the conference hall and in the reception area. If you have a good budget to support your commercial office decorating ideas, you can use beautiful lighting’s and decorate the walls with colorful paintings. The corners at the different rooms can be decorated with various types of arts and crafts, seashells, prize possessions and many other things.

To make maximum utilization of the space available, the office furniture used should occupy very less office space and at the same time create a feeling of cleanliness. Among the different furniture which can be used are credenzas, filing cabinets, desks, hydraulic chairs and many more.

If there are walking corridors, it can be decorated with ornamental plants. Enough light and air circulation through the windows is necessary as it helps a person’s mind to think freely and creatively. If the office is a big one the safety factor should also be kept in mind. In such cases there should be emergency exits, preventive measures like fire extinguishers, alarms to protect from fire accidents.

The reception or the guest sitting room can be decorated with beautiful flower bouquets as the visitors will be really impressed by the beautiful smell and the freshness of the flowers.


41 Fabulous Office Bathroom Décor Ideas

Not many people are aware that they can have a complete new bathroom within an hour or two. This is quite possible if you just make simple changes to existing bathroom accessories and cabinet hardware. All that is required is a screwdriver or drill.

The role of cabinet organizer can never be overemphasized. It is what helps to keep your cabinet and life in order. In fact, it is an essential part of your everyday life. Without it, you will waste valuable time looking for things.

It is known worldwide that time is very important and should be used judiciously. But it is unfortunate to see many people waste valuable time searching for items in their cabinet. This is because they don’t have cabinet organizers.

One of the best ways to get organized is to make sure you get rid of old clothes and items you rarely use. Having unused items littering the whole house or office is not recommended. Don’t leave space for anything you know you will not be using in the near future. If for instance, you have lost of unused clothes around, gather them together and donate them to your desired charity.

The overall setting of your bathroom is very important when thinking of bathroom décor. For instance, when installing a flush or semi-flush ceiling mount, it is necessary for it to complement the décor of your bathroom as well as provide proper lighting. Also, the size of your bathroom should determine the type of light fixture you should have in it. One or two light fixtures is recommended for smaller bathrooms while bigger bathrooms will require more.

It’s very frustrating to keep changing the bathroom faucets every time. Also, everyone detests a leaking sink that keeps them awake. If you’re not properly armed with the right information, you may find it hard choosing the right faucet from the many that are out there. So, get the right information first before heading to the market to get a new faucet.

There are different types of mounting for bathroom faucet. Some of them are widespread faucet, center set faucets, mini-widespread faucet and single hole faucet. You will need to determine the one that matches your present faucet before buying any of them. It is not advisable to just buy based on attraction or style. This is synonymous to wasting your hard earned money.


41 Impressive Tech Office Décor Ideas

Offices in Los Angeles always look for purchasing low cost office supplies. So, what are the office supplies which are often purchased? The various office supplies are staplers, clips, pens, printer inks, laser toners paper and many more.

How to buy inkjet printer supplies for your office in Los Angeles?

Inkjet printers indeed are wonderful devices which have transformed the way photographs, graphics and text are printed both at workplace and at home. The only drawback is the price of purchasing the replacement printer ink cartridges.

Landis General Store Inc.: This office supply store was formulated in 1930 which radiates a small town feeling in Larchmont Village in Los Angeles. They encompass eclectic mixture of printer inks, picture frames, and embroidered linens and so on. They also have a wide selection of paper goods which include greeting cards, note cards and stationery.

Staples: Is a superstore situated at 4641, Saint Monica Blvd in Los Angeles, CA-90029. This is a fanatic paradise of office supplies. They encompass everything starting from office basics such as neon stacks, spiral notebooks and boxes-of-ballpoints till high tech office décor, super comfortable chairs and computer accessories.

Office Depot: Whether you’re a diehard office-supply aficionado / have less chance with technology in the office space, this store is the best one for you. Along with this, they have an in-house ‘Business Resource Center’ which can provide you helpful advice and tools for running your own business successfully.

Ink Refills: This is the best place from where you can refill your inkjet cartridge. They offer inkjet refills for 10 dollars which is cheaper compared to $24 charged for the same cartridge in an office depot.

‘Flash Pen to Paper’: Is a fanatic stationary store and they have the cutest assorted cards. They also have organized and designed photo albums which are priced decently as per their quality. Here, one can get to purchase journals and unique cards too.

‘Brentwood Stationers Inc.’: If you require a couple of items for your office and not in the mood to head towards ‘Staples’ then this store is handy indeed. This being a small store, you can purchase 1 or 2 protractors instead of the whole box.

If your requirement is of printer related supplies like paper, laser toners and printer ink, then you should contact some distributor who can deliver you your supplies.

Why should you prefer to buy from main suppliers?

The fact is they will provide you the best ex-rates and also deliver you your order very promptly. In case of retail stores you will get all that you want but the price will be much higher because they are retailers and cannot offer bulk prices.

Buying from retail stores is not a very good idea for office stationary. The reason is that you are not looking for fancy stuff but for utility products. If you start buying bulk supplies at retail price you will end up losing your profits to them. Companies which provide you supplies like printer ink and laser toner refills directly from the manufacturers save you a lot of money.

Besides retailors do not deliver! Traveling in Los Angeles during rush hour can be a big issue. It takes a lot of time and is a big hassle. Buying from a manufacturer back firm is a good idea because they deliver and also resolve minor issues with their products and book orders right over the phone. It doesn’t matter how far out you are located from down town; you will get your supplies delivered on time.

Business in Los Angeles is at the heights of cut throat competition. If you want to make your profits you will have to keep your overhead expenses at the bare minimum. This you can only achieve through sensible spending. There are many more office and printer supplies stores in Los Angeles but now it’s your choice to choose what is right for you and for your business.


45 Easy And Modern Home Office Design In This Year

Just because you are forced to build a home study, does not mean that it has to be old and outdated. Times have changed and there are so many new and exciting designs in home office furniture that will have you enjoying the task of setting up your workplace at home. If you are running a business from your home, maybe it’s time you thought about the kind of image your home office creates. You want to come across as organized, modern and stylish should a client need to visit your home office!

Using a contemporary theme in your home study is one way to create this image. Whether you are fortunate to have an entire study dedicated to your work or you can only afford to spare a corner of your living room, you need to have a good desk. You can now have a modern, chic office no matter how big or small your space is. If you purchase the right furniture that is!

Creating the perfect modern office at home

If you are struggling to set up a modern home study, here are few tips:

– Choose modern furniture and accessories: The key to creating a modern office area is to incorporate modern furniture into the space. Modern home office desks and chairs can be bought almost anywhere. These contemporary pieces are made to fit any space and can be customized according to the measurements of your working area.

Look for designs that are unique or extraordinary for a truly modern home study. Forget about the plain rectangular desk that we all have gotten accustomed to; modern desks are designed to be fresh and funky as well as practical. Chairs have also undergone a serious makeover in the past few years, with increasingly ergonomic designs designed with your comfort in mind.

– Steal décor ideas:If you don’t really know what a modern office looks like get ideas from TV shows. By choosing the right modern home office desks and chairs you can easily imitate the very modern Mode office on Ugly Betty in your own home. Look at the smaller decorative items and steal ideas for storage spaces from magazines or the internet.

– Think about the rest of your homeIf you home is quite traditional, it might not be a good idea to create a modern home study. The styles will clash and the impact of the modern office space will be lost. However, if you are thinking about a building modern home office, chances are you already have quite a contemporary home so follow the theme to the office furniture.

Modern home office desks are becoming increasingly trendy for a number of reasons. With more and more people working from home, they are looking for ways to revitalize their old home offices to reflect a fresh new look. Buying contemporary furniture items is one of the best ways to revitalize a workspace.

Revitalize your home study with one of the many stunning modern home office desks on the market, and enjoy increased productivity and inspiration from your clean and uncluttered new look


Elegant Co Working Office Design Ideas 36

49 Elegant Co Working Office Design Ideas

Updating an office fitout or provisioning a completely new office design is often both difficult and costly. We discuss within this article rudimentary design tips & expertise from the design & fitout industry that might assist in choosing an approach that induces the effective delivery of an office fitout project in accordance with agreed duration and budget demands:

Planning – possibly the most crucial task of any successful office design & fitout project. Don’t hesitate to set aside enough time on planning as the more insight available, the less time will be wasted during more time & cost critical stages.

A highly detailed understanding about your businesses current and forecasted staff demands, offices versus workstations configurations, as well as other needs including office reception areas, storeroom areas, conference & collaboration spaces, will help you vet would-be office space tenancies and receive design & fitout quotations in a considerably reduced timeframe, while giving you more control of your project;

Safety – while you are planning all your needs, make sure you feature a well defined summary about your unique office relevant safety specifications. It will help to generate a safety checklist together with your OH&S spokesperson since this will validate your preliminary OH&S requirements and you can then integrate them into your office design & fitout planning work-flows. Be sure to account for wheelchair access;

Preparation – After you have short-listed likely tenancies, time spent understanding your planned work areas is definitely a sensible investment. Produce and agree an office design that enhances the effective use of attainable office space. Be functional and vigilant, think about the height and sizes of personnel, think about their office or workstation desk requirements and any planned departmental expansions;

Cost Savings Opportunities – Limit resources expenditures by evaluating internal or recyclable alternatives. What components of the last fitout may be reused or salvaged? If it is actually possible to design around previous fitout features you’ll certainly be happily amazed at the cost benefits. Don’t hesitate to get a hold of an office design & fitout consultant who is able to highlight additional areas of the design & fitout that should realize genuine cost savings;

Furniture & Fixtures – Take time to research all solutions available in terms of office furniture and fixtures. Nowadays there are a lot of different innovations in regards to office workstation and furniture designs that actually add tremendous value. Examples could include non standard shaped furniture that enhance office floor area, and low hanging roof fittings for space saving and cord management;

Natural Elements – Employ all accessible natural elements efficiently – pay specific consideration to direct light sources as it is one of the most valuable assets within a great office design. It really has been scientifically proven that the amount of natural light in an office has a direct impact on productivity and staff comfort. The proper way to guarantee effective natural light utilization is linked to properly designed open space planning alongside workstation design and configuration;

Office Necessities – when you’ve agreed the positions and layouts of your offices and workstation desks, it is vital to establish the locations of your office necessities. Some examples include cabinetry, computer equipment, phone lines & outlets, power outlets, data outlets, shelving and storage. It is a good idea to ensure your planning is based on convenience, access and flexibility;

Aesthetics – After you’ve finalized the planning for all office necessities, start thinking about occasional furniture or finishing that works well with the office design. This could include cadenzas, artwork, interior color palettes as well as the final skirting, branding, advertising spaces and finishing preferences.

Planning for an office design using a logical planning sequence will assist you to confirm a functional design is proposed that harnesses existing assets to reduce fitout costs while ensuring all of the fundamentals are prepared.


42 Gorgeous Neutral Partners Desk Home Office Design Ideas

Great minds can produce new ideas in nearly any environment, but an inspiring office will only make the brainstorming process easier. Interior design for work spaces follows the same basic rules as a kitchen or other utilitarian areas.

Keep your furniture to a minimum and ensure each piece has a purpose. Let your personality and taste shine through in your office with the right accessories, color combinations and artwork.

Small adjustments like the addition of a new rug or a different lamp can turn an uncomfortable office space into the perfect headquarters for a true genius. Here are five great ideas for adding the right touch to the interior design of your office.

Stick To A Coherent Theme

Mixing ultra modern and classic furnishings may sound exciting, but it can create a space lacking a central theme. It is easy to feel disorganized or cluttered in an office with mismatched furnishings.

Stick to a simple theme and play around with contrast at the accessory level. Try hanging a large landscape painting in oil on the wall of a monochrome and minimal office for a touch of the traditional that doesn’t disrupt the entire room.

Architectural Light Fixtures

A simple desk lamp can provide the light you need for work, but large and sculpted light fixtures are far more inspiring to the mind. Add a central fixture if the room is mostly square, or try a few smaller fixtures for long or oddly shaped offices.

Multiple sources of light also make it easy to adjust the light level when working. Bright light helps you stay alert when you need to work through the night, while dimmed mood lighting makes a client or customer feel at home.

Cut Down The Clutter

No matter what interior design scheme you choose try to avoid adding unnecessary clutter. An end table full of knick knacks may sound like a great decoration, but it doesn’t have the same impact of a single large focal piece.

Choose furniture with modular storage options if you don’t know how much paperwork and supplies you’ll need to keep organized. Many desks allow you to add side cabinets that fit seamlessly with the original design when you need another drawer for pens and important memos.

Plan For The Public

If you will be visiting with clients or partners on a regular basis in your office, consider creating a public and private space. Anything from a simple screen to a hanging wall divider can help separate your office into the two spaces.

You can decorate the public section with neutral colors and decorations and save personal photos and your board of inspiring images for the private area.

Focus On The Natural Beauty

Try outfitting your office with a few upgrades to the flooring or wall coverings instead of purchasing new furniture. Laying rich natural stone tiles or an elegant wallpaper can make a serious impact on the office without requiring you to find space for another piece of art or a larger desk.

Elegant Industrial Table Design Ideas 37

40 Elegant Industrial Table Design Ideas

Gaining popularity for non-industrial uses because of the design elements it offers, industrial furniture is moving out of industrial environments and into dining rooms and dens.

Making especially big moves in vintage circles, A-frames and wood-backed metal chairs are turning up as dining room tables and antique bar stools. Scissor lift coffee tables are starting conversations in chic living rooms and basic metal industrial chairs are brightening sidewalk cafes, thanks to nothing more than a fresh coat of paint.

Once left to rust or rot and be melted or broken down into raw materials, old industrial furniture is finding new life in contemporary interior design. Repurposed as unique, distinctive household furnishings and art pieces, industrial tables, chairs, shelving, and random components are proving more useful than ever.

Little features like caster wheels make bookcases popular, with industrial shelves hung between jointed pipes. The potential uses for this furniture that once was confined to labs and warehouses are countless.

Consumers Seek Durability and Convenience in Industrial Furniture

Necessarily durable for its industrial uses, this newly chic furniture appeals to consumers in part because of the strong materials used to construct it. It is hard to beat steel if you want table legs that can withstand the impact of toy cars, cat claws, skateboards, and the like. Increasingly opting for new rather than used industrial strength home furnishings, consumers are also looking for convenience.

While the vintage decor set may be willing to either accept the sometimes-shabby condition of this furniture or restore it themselves, the majority prefer to buy it new. This much easier and more convenient way to acquire their home furnishings is to look at new products, even if their plan is to assemble pipes into a coffee table base.

They are also attracted by the most basic details that provide convenience, whether wheels for heavy furniture or the adjustable height of a dining room table.

Urban Dwellers Make Urban Decor Appealing With Industrial Designs

With so many consumers living in high-rises of concrete and steel, it is no surprise that many of them consciously attempt to see the beauty in their urban environment. That explains why cityscapes are popular for wall art and grunge is welcome on custom rugs and bathroom towels.

Urban energy is sought after, witness hip-hop and rap, and that same desire to make something special of urban stimulation leads consumers to want industrial furniture.

It is also hard to argue that there are home furnishings more unique than a scissor lift table or a sculpture made from industrial components. Also sparked by congested urban environments, the need to stand out is satisfied with an industrial work of art or a much talked-about piece of furniture.

Not only signaling unique individuals, industrial furniture also fits with the increasing environmental awareness of consumers. This contributes to both the repurposing of vintage industrial items and the desire for long-lasting industrial materials in new furnishings.

Taken together, there are compelling reasons for the seemingly inexplicable surge of interest in industrial furniture. The addition of homeowners looking for unique furniture to industrial users is significantly widening the customer base for retailers of these products. No longer just a staple of industrial working environments, this furniture is bringing a long-lasting twist to home decor.


Stylish And Luxury Office Design Ideas 40

44 Stylish And Luxury Office Design Ideas

Several years ago I was working out of my home in an office I’d designed for myself. With plenty of space, oversized countertops, and specific places for each piece of office furniture and equipment I use (I’m highly computer-dependent), I was productive and efficient without sacrificing closeness to my family.

In terms of design, space utilization, and ergonomics, I’d thought of everything. Then two things changed my work setting in fundamental ways; a two-year old and a four-year old who delighted in knowing that Daddy was home all day.

But that wasn’t totally unexpected; I’d made provisions to increase the privacy of my office as the children grew. A little planning and a few rules about when the office was “off limits” kept the advantages of working at home intact.

Thirteen million Americans are currently running businesses out of their homes, according to the Kauffman Center For Entrepreneurial Leadership ( In all, forty-five million of us (35% of all U.S. households) work at least part-time out of home offices.

Combine those figures with the Herman Miller Company’s ( projected 10 to 12% annual growth in the home office furnishings market and it is obvious that sooner or later, many of us will have to consider how to integrate this relatively new function into our existing or new homes.

There aren’t many hard and fast rules about home office design; our jobs and lives are unique and will influence each individual situation. But a few basic ideas apply almost universally, and will help to guide you towards making the best with your resources.

Locating The Home Office

Even a well-planned office space won’t work if it’s located poorly. If you see clients in your office frequently, and especially if you have small children at home, separate the office from the home spaces as much as possible.

This might mean a completely independent office structure, or an existing room with an entrance designed for use by clients alone. If the office and home spaces are adjacent, proper sound insulation is a must.

Building a completely new office structure allows you the most design options, but forces the consideration of future use. Will you work at home forever? If not, what will become of that dedicated office? In my home, the old office is in “phase two” of its evolution, the kids’ “playroom”. In phase three it will be remodeled into a media room for the adults. Design your office to grow and change with you.

Remodeling an existing space into a home office requires you to look carefully at the use of adjacent spaces. Many clients will think it a faux pas if they hear the toilet flush upstairs during a meeting. Speaking of plumbing, will there be a nearby bathroom for client use? Will they have to wait for your son to get out of the shower to use it?

But perhaps you don’t see clients at home. You may only need a quiet place to get in a few hours or work each day or you may find that the solitude of home is simply a better environment for what you do.

This situation allows the office to be buried within one of the family areas of the house; a nook adjacent to the kitchen keeps you near the center of activity and able to supervise children; conversely, an alcove attached to the master bedroom can be very private and reduce the temptation for the children to interrupt. If you need privacy, find it by locating the most remote areas of your home.

Be realistic about the potential distractions of working at home. If you’re a moth to the flame of the refrigerator, it’s best that you make the path between office and kitchen as long as possible. My Achilles’ heel was cable television; it was just too easy to leave The Golf Channel on all day long. I can’t get away with that in a regular office.

Let Your Work Style Dictate The Design A few years back, I worked with a client to design a part-time home office for her small consulting business. The more time we spent discussing her work style (she worked almost exclusively with a telephone and a computer), the more we began to realize that all she needed at home was a quiet space to talk on the phone and to set up her laptop. In the end, the entire office consisted of a three-foot by six-foot desk nook tucked behind her kitchen – just enough space to type and talk, a few shelves, and two telephone lines.

If you work entirely at home, or if you bring home piles of paperwork from your main office, you’ll need greater accommodations. Countertop area and storage space are always in demand – make sure you’ve got enough. A large executive desk looks great but you will get much more use from a wide expanse of countertop.

Rather than creating expensive built-ins, many of my clients opt for what I call a “paper pantry”; a large walk-in closet, full of open shelves for paperwork, files, and office supplies. A paper pantry saves money, keeps the mess hidden, and can be used as a clothes closet should the office ever be needed as a future bedroom.

Receiving clients at home requires a place to conduct meetings. A conference table might fit the bill but don’t forget to consider how it will be used when clients aren’t present. A well-placed conference table should double as additional workspace for you.

Finally, if your work requires frequent trips out of the office, find a place where you can sneak in and out without disturbing the others in your household.

Accommodating Office Equipment Almost every office requires a computer. It’s the personal computer that made the whole work-at-home concept possible. But computers are still bulky assemblages of wires and peripherals that take up valuable countertop space. Add to that the copier, scanner, fax machine, and telephone and suddenly you’ve no room to work.

Just like a media center in a family room, cabinets and shelves can easily be designed to hold or conceal office machinery, and free up space to work. Many times I’ve expanded the “paper pantry” concept to include office machines.

The components you use everyday (printer, copier) are best placed within reach of your desk, on shelves under countertops, or in low cabinets. The less frequently used pieces (scanner, fax) should occupy a more remote location. Other options worth considering include a laptop computer instead of a full-size machine, and an “all-in-one” machine combining fax, copier, scanner, and printer in one compact footprint.

Whichever setup you choose, make sure you’ve got plenty of electrical outlets and telephone jacks so that you’ve got the flexibility to fine-tune the arrangement of machines.

Managed Growth Home-based businesses usually fall into one of two categories: new businesses trying to grow, or satellites of existing office space. The future needs of a satellite office are few, since it’s intended as just an extension of a larger office. But planning for a growing business requires some prognostication.

If you hope to move out into commercial space someday, don’t overdo the home office. Plan for a little growth, but don’t overbuild or overdesign a space that’s destined for obsolescence. Instead, look ahead to how that space will be used when you’ve moved out of it.

If you want to grow your business and keep it at home, check local zoning codes and deed restrictions on your property before you make an expensive commitment. While most zoning codes allow limited home-based business, they often restrict the number of employees, on-site parking, and even the type of businesses permitted.

Often these restrictions are related to the size of your property, but don’t assume anything. A phone call to your local zoning official and a quick check of your deed may save you a lot of time and money.

Don’t “Underdesign” It The temptation to think of a home office as strictly a place of function is strong. But if you really intend to use it, it is vital to create a pleasant work atmosphere. Access to views and natural light helps increase the ambiance and allows you to be more productive. A few well-placed personal items give you “ownership” of the office; comfortable seating and good function reduce stress.

Keep in mind how much time you’re likely to spend there. You need to make the most of those hours so give yourself the same or better amenities than you’d expect from a well-designed outside office (you’ve already got the private parking space!).

Surround yourself with an environment that supports your work and stimulates your creativity. Make it a place you look forward to going to. Properly done, a home office can be a comfortable, profitable, and liberating place to work.