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41 Awesome Diy Kitchen Storage To Make Kitchen Organized

What makes DIY kitchens our favorite? There are many answers to this question. The primary factor is the freedom. Yes, we are free to select our own designs, install our desired facilities and more over that who will know our desires better than us?

We are always creative when it comes to our living space. However, there are different things that we should keep in mind before ordering your DIY kitchen.

The main things we should keep ready before ordering a DIY kitchen are:

· Plan or blue print

· Measurements and space

· Requirements

· Budget

· List of appliances

· Electricity, water and drainage points

Plan or blue print

Your first target is to plan your dream kitchen. There may be a hundred of things reflecting in your mind. Choose the right ones and always take your own time rather than doing all the things in a hurry.

It is recommended to visit DIY kitchen showrooms and seek advice from experts on planning a kitchen. It is not difficult to install a DIY kitchen if the plan or blueprint is clean and perfect.

Measurements and space

Do not try to make the kitchen congested. Whenever you take, measurements always take care to spare some space behind. It will help to alleviate the friction and confusion during the installation time.

It is important to maintain a gap between the wall and the kitchen units while installation. Therefore, when you take measurements always take care to spare 4 to 6 cm. Always keep a note pad and pen in your hand and mark the spaces at which you intended to install specific kitchen units like shelves, cabinets, wash basins etc.


While preparing the requirements chart, it is important to think about the possible future alterations. However, it would not be difficult to make any such changes to your DIY kitchen. The actual kitchen requirement is based on your family strength. The actual number of kitchen utensils and cabin storage must be determined before preparing the plan.


Budget is an important factor that plays an important role in kitchen designing. DIY kitchen helps to control the expenditure. A rough budget can be made according to the designed plan and assigned requirements. Once you have set a budget, it would not be difficult to make a change in the requirement list if the procurement amount is too high.

List of appliances

Home appliances and utensils in your current or future kitchen must be marked well to arrange the kitchen units accordingly. It is important to plan your kitchen in a productive manner as you could utilize the maximum potential of your home appliances.

Electricity, water, and drainage point

Checking the electrical outputs, water and drainage points must be noted well in the plan. It will help you from possible obstruction of these vital points by unorganized DIY kitchen installation. An efficient planning can save energy and time increasing the productivity of your kitchen. Always spare service space between kitchen units and walls to avoid future troubles.