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Creative DIY Painted Word Rocks Ideas 30

43 Creative DIY Painted Word Rocks Ideas

There are a number of things that you have the ability to do when seeking to advertise your business. One of the more effective ways to reach a good deal of individuals is to set up outdoor signs around the entrance door that appears professional and can attract people to come inside.

There are different designs and materials that you may use depending on what type of business you have.


If you have a bridal shop, sell flowers, or sell artwork than you need to think about using artificial or even fresh flowers. Utilize roses, daises, or gillyflowers that can border the whole thing. You should fix them around a wire loop and have it spelling the word ‘welcome’.

Neon Lights

One of the easiest method to draw in the attention of the customers outside is to use neon lighting. These are flashy and good for eating places, bars, or other kinds of fun places where individuals will collect to have some fun. These are inexpensive to buy or put together and are a few of the most competent.


Why not be creative and adorn the ‘welcome’ sign for your fishing store using big rocks. You will have the ability to purchase these at home improvement stores and put them beside the front door. You may also save money and paint a letter in each word in white or black paint on rocks you get round the lake.


What greater way to create a welcome sign than to use wood? This is a popular and low-budget material that is good to use and is rather contrasting. You may have the wood pieces cut into distinct shapes to match the kind of items that you sell. Either paint or engrave things onto the sign and finish it with weather proof stain. You could add some more flare by painting other designs on it like flowers, birds, or other creatures.