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Totally Inspiring Rustic Reclaimed Wood Dining Room Table Ideas 40

45 Totally Inspiring Rustic Reclaimed Wood Dining Room Table Ideas

Dining tables aren’t just a focal point for the dining room. In many families, they’re the focal point for life itself. After all, it’s one of the few places that families and guests gather, face to face, side by side, uninterrupted by television, Smartphone’s, the ringing of the telephone, and so forth.

So it’s only natural to put considerable thought and effort into choosing the right table to meet your needs, when you redecorate your dining room. You already know that there are a number of practical considerations involved in choosing the right dining table: size, seating space, the materials involved, and so forth.

But you’ll also want to think about style and there are infinite number of different styles from which to choose.


Dining room tables come in just about every shape imaginable, and the one you choose has almost as much to do with your own style as it does your design needs. Of course, it will also be influenced by the size and shape of your dining room. A squarish room will almost demand a square or perfectly round table.

There are also five, six, and eight sided tables you can choose. A longer room is more suitable for a rectangular or oblong table. The shape will also be influenced by the number of guests you intend on having. While round and square tables might be most aesthetically pleasing in some rooms, they’re simply not very space efficient if you need to seat a large number of guests.

If you have fewer to seat on a day-to-day basis, and many more on special occasions, however, there’s another option.

Expandable Tables

Because many families don’t require a huge table on a daily basis, but may still need to seat a large number of guests occasionally, it’s not uncommon to find dining room tables which are designed to be expandable or extendable.

A drop leaf table may offer up a small rectangular or square surface most days, but can be easily converted simply by lifting and locking the leaves of the table to seat many more people when the situation demands it. Other tables have a locked-seam in the middle.

When this seam is unlocked, the two halves of the table can be slid apart on runners, and a matching insert placed between them to increase the size of the table. By choosing this type of table, you can customize your table based on your needs as they arise.


Like any other piece of furniture, there are plenty of different dining table themes you can choose from. A rustic table might be built of reclaimed wood from an old barn, lovingly sanded, stained, and polished, preserving history.

Or perhaps you prefer something a bit more elegant, like an antique style table with carved claw feet and stately matching chairs. A sleek, black aluminium frame with a minimalist glass surface provides a perfectly modern focal point for your dining room.